From medicine of organ to medicine of field -- 10-year experience of application of qigong to medical practice

Author: Obitsu Ryoichi
Affiliation: Obitsu Sankei Hospital, Japan [1]
Conference/Journal: 2nd World Conf Acad Exch Med Qigong
Date published: 1993
Other: Pages: 133 , Word Count: 339

Western medicine proposes that the human body mainly consists of organs, whereas the wisdom of Chinese medicine teaches the importance of space within the body filled with various kinds of concept of elements and energy which endows us with knowledge to maintain the life and forming the 'field'. This'field' has not been explained by physical science, but I estimate that it is neither composed of a single element like electricity nor magnetism. I would rather call it the'life field'. Furthermore, if 'qi' means the information which maintains the order of life, the field and 'mind' means the expression of one of the elements of fields, it is obvious that there are three means in medicine; the one dealing with organs, qi, and mind. On this concept, for cancer treatment I have practiced holistic medicine, applying Western medicine for organs. Chinese medicine for qi, and psychological treatment for mind.

I will report the result in 1,768 cases of cancer treatment especially qigong from November 1982 to February 1993.


The patients of cancer were treated not only by Western medicine which is the most popular treatment in Japanese medicine, but also with Chinese medicine which consists of herbs, acupuncture and moxabustion, qigong and diet, and psychological treatment which means relaxation and image therapy. Qigong consists of over 10 kinds of means like Fang-Song-Gong, Tai-Ji-Quan, Guo-Lin-Xin-Qigong, etc.


1. It is difficult to express the result of my therapeutic treatment statistically as in Western science.because the treatment was not applied equally to each patients, but in various ways depending on to the symptoms of the cases. Calculating three-year survival rate in 505 cases of cancer till January l990, favorable result showed:
(i) In the grade 3 and 4: 103 cases (42.7%)
(ii) In the end stage:185 cases (11.9%)

2. The number of the patients of cancer visiting my hospital is increasing year by year. 54 patients in 1983 to 677 cases in 1992. This fact shows that the holistic medicine is getting accepted in Japan. Besides, cases will be presented, which show you more in detail the contributing role of qigong in the treatment of cancer.