Curative effect of intelligence qigong on 122 tumor patients

Author: Zhao Hongmei//Bian Jingnan
Affiliation: Hospital of the East Lake, Wuhan, China [1]
Conference/Journal: 2nd World Conf Acad Exch Med Qigong
Date published: 1993
Other: Pages: 130 , Word Count: 284

This article has summarized and analyzed the curative effect concerning 122 tumor patients, which had undergone the definite diagnosis in hospitals, treated by the Intelligence-Qigong (lQG). Among them, 71 patients contracted benign tumor, and 51 had malignant, 26 patients of which had gone through chemotherapy or radiotherapy. They asked help from IQG because of recurrence or uncontrolled conditions.

The course of treatment lasted for 22 days in the form of training class. In the course, the movements of the IQG were taught and practiced. At the same time, patients learned the theory. Every patient was treated by the emitted qi too.

We analyzed the curative effect in three respects, benign and malignant tumor, long-term and short-term in qigong treatment, as well, as multiple treatment and single qigong treatment. Then, we dealt with relevant data by statistics and concluded as follows:

First of all, we consider there are curative effects to various extent for both the benign and malignant tumor, and further, for the cancer of different parts of the body. Secondly, in the process of treating cancer by IQG, the curative effect is in direct proportion to the treating duration, that is, the longer the patients have practiced, the better the curative effect has obtained. Thirdly, between the curative effect of the multiple treating group and that of the single IQG treatment group, there is no significant difference, based on P>O.05 about Chi-square test. Finally, to investigate 33 cancer patients after treatment, 17 of them died. They all but one died without suffering. It shows that IQG plays its role in euthanasia for the cancer patients.

It is certain, as a result, that IQG is useful for treating tumor. The survivors live better, while the unsurvivors died without suffering.