Effects of emitted qi and will on hyperchromic and hypochromic absorption spectra of DNA

Author: Li Luying//Xu Hongwei//Li Xiaohui//Wen Qinfen//Li Jiamei//Li Shenzhuang
Affiliation: Research Society of Human Body, Qigong Medical College, China [1]
Conference/Journal: 2nd World Conf Acad Exch Med Qigong
Date published: 1993
Other: Pages: 116 , Word Count: 107

In this experiment, it has also been found that when a qigong master formed a field, the Tc and Ic of the higher-temperature-materials being positioned in the field should change in two-directions. This is in agreement with our other experiments about other biological and chemical materials.

At present, we are researching the influence of the emitted qi on the property of higher-temperature-superconductive devices. In view of the devices having been put in use, it is expected that this research will have a fairly economical value.

The physical mechanism that the emitted qi can return or improve the property of super-conductive materials(and devices) are being under investigation.