Spectrum analysis effect of emitted qi on EEG on normal subjects

Author: Li Desong//Yang Qinfei//Li Xiaoming//Shi Jiming
Affiliation: Institute Qigong Science, Beijing College of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Beijing 100029, China [1]
Conference/Journal: 2nd World Conf Acad Exch Med Qigong
Date published: 1993
Other: Pages: 98 , Word Count: 303

It is still a disputable question if a qigong master can emit qi to influence others without any psychological suggestion. The spectrum analysis is a mature technique for the study of brain function. In these experiments the EEGs of a qigong master and subjects were synchronically recorded, and one qigong master and twelve normal subjects took part in the experiments. By means of designed program the effects of psychological suggestion of the subjects were prevented. An imitator group was included that the subjects received the imitator 'qi' from other people. The spectrum analysis of EEG was done by a computer online. Two samples were made before emitting qi and averaged.

The results showed that when subjects receiving qi and four were made emitting qi, the changes of EEG took place mainly in the beta frequency segment, and the power of beta segment was higher than that of the control. The increases were statistically significant if Fp2, C3, C4, O1, and Pz, five points of beta l segment and in C3 and C4, two points of beta 2 segment, P<.05. The power of EEG of the qigong master in the beta segment also increased when he was emitting qi, and apart from Cl and Pz points in beta 1 and C4 point in beta 2 segment, the increases in all other points were statistically significant. In the imitator group, there was no obvious change in the power of EEG in the beta segment when the subjects received qi from other people imitating qigong masters.

Similar changes of power in the beta segment of EEG that took place in both the qigong master while emitting qi and subjects when receiving qi suggested that the qigong master had somehow influenced EEG of subjects. The mechanism and significance of these phenomena are unclear yet and further studies are needed.