[Observation on therapeutic effect of acupuncture of Back-shu acupoints for chronic fatigue syndrome patients].

Author: Zhang W, Liu ZS, Xu HR, Liu YS.
Affiliation: Guang'anmen Hospital, China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences, Beijing 100053, China. zhangwei_7108@sohu.com
Conference/Journal: Zhen Ci Yan Jiu.
Date published: 2011 Dec
Other: Volume ID: 36 , Issue ID: 6 , Pages: 437-41, 448 , Special Notes: [Article in Chinese] , Word Count: 272

To observe the therapeutic effect and safety of acupuncture of Back-shu points [Xinshu (BL 15), Pishu (BL 20), etc.] in the treatment of chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS).
A total of 120 CFS patients were equally randomized Into acupuncture and control groups. Acupuncture needles were inserted into bilateral Xinshu (BL 15), Pishu (BL 20), and Gaohuang (BL 43) points, once daily for 4 weeks except weekends. For patients of the control group, acupuncture needles were inserted into the shallow layer of the non-acupoints (two mid-points of the horizon lines passing through the crossing-points of the 1st and 2nd branches of the Gallbladder Meridian and the crests of 4th, 5th and 11th thoracic vertebrae). General health scale (SF-20) and Chalder fatigue scale were used to measure the CFS patients' degree of general health. A follow-up survey was carried out 3 months after the last treatment.
In comparison with pre-treatment, the scores of Chalder fatigue scale were decreased significantly in both treatment and control groups (P < 0.01), while the scores of physiological function (PF) and general health (GH) of SF-20 in both acupuncture groups and those of the role function (RF), social function (SF), mental health (MH) and pain sensation (PS) in the treatment group were increased apparently after the treatment (P < 0.05, P < 0.01). The scores of Chalder Scale and PF, RF, SF, GH, MH, PS and the CFS patients' satisfication degrees 4 weeks (64.4% and 36.7%) and 3 months (62.3% and 32%) after the treatment in the treatment group were significantly superior to those of the control group (P < 0.05).
Acupuncture at Back-shu point has a good therapeutic effect (including immediate and midterm effect) in the treatment of chronic fatigue syndrome patients.
PMID: 22379791