Electromagnetic fields applied to the reduction of abdominal obesity.

Author: Beilin G, Benech P, Courie R, Benichoux F.
Conference/Journal: J Cosmet Laser Ther.
Date published: 2011 Dec 15
Other: Word Count: 206

Introduction: According to various researches, abdominal obesity increases the risks of cancers or cardio-vascular diseases. Objective: To evaluate the reduction of waistline and the evolution of biological parameters on patients after 12 sessions of a new medical device called REDUSTIM(®) associating alternate low frequency electromagnetic fields and controlled micropressure. Methods: Two studies were made: a double-blind randomized study performed on 28 patients with a waistline >88 cm/35 inches for women and >102 cm/40 inches for men for a period of 6 weeks and a functional analysis on DNA chips performed on 11 patients showing proven overweight. Results: Following our studies a statistically significant reduction of waistline of more than 6 cm after 12 sessions has been observed, and the biological assessments performed before and after the treatments showed both a highly significant reduction of transaminases level and the device mechanism on the stimulation of insensitive muscle contractions. Conclusions: Facing an alarming increase in overweight and obesity and considering the current therapeutic gear offering various results, it seems interesting to propose an efficient technique for the reduction of abdominal obesity. The clinical study demonstrated the safety and efficiency of the device for the reduction of abdominal obesity. Treatment showed itself efficient with patients that were not committed to any weight loss program.
PMID: 22171794