Qigong for antisenility, keeping fit in middle-aged intellectuals

Author: Yang Runliang//Yang Intang//Hong Hoqiao
Affiliation: Gangsu Economic Management College, China [1]
Conference/Journal: 1st World Conf Acad Exch Med Qigong
Date published: 1988
Other: Pages: 64 , Word Count: 461

32 managers and administrators studying at the Gangsu Economic Management College were tested. All of them were males by an average age of 35.71.

The contents and methods of study.
Testing indexes:
TSH, FSH, LH, IgG and Fe-Protein.
The pattern of the qigong exercise: Quiescent form of qigong exercise was done 3 times (morning, noon and night) for about 30 minutes for each time. A month later the duration prolonged to an hour for each time. The change of the five testing indexes are as follows

Index Before exercise After exercise T P
TSH 10.22±1.28 9.8±1.04 1.45 >0.05
FSH 8.72±3.25 4.81±2.69 5.79 <0.01
LH 7.29±5.20 4.73±3.57 2.54 0.01<P<0.05
IgG 8.30±3.37 12.09±5.20 3.89 <0.01
Fe-Prot. 181.55±130.7 2838±178.1 2.92 <0.0l

The human body is an integrated self-adjusting system. It is said in traditional Chinese medicine that 'blood is commanded by qi' It means the circulation of blood is generated by qi which in turn is based on the energy of blood. In performing the qigong exercise through the regulation of the body, mind and breath, a qigong functional state appears. The energy produced by this state would be changed and increased from quantity to quality. Therefore,
useful physiological changes in the body would occur alongside the gradually deepening of the self-adjusting function.
The blood sample was taken from the tested persons before and after the qigong exercises for 90 days. The separated serum was kept in a refrigerator. Results was obtained with the analytical method of radio immune RTA.
The normal Fe-protein value is 160 ± 152 ng/ml in the Lanzhou areas. It greatly increased after the qigong exercise, indicating that the metabolism of the brain accelerated, the functions of the nervous system, immune system, digestion absorption and muscular movement strengthened.
IgG is an important substance of immunity and it is of about 75% of a gram of serum. The neutralization of the exotoxin of bacteria is its important function because it can combine the exotoxin quickly and clear away the toxicity of it, providing more energy of antitoxins in the body where the toxins were infected. The amount of IgG in the serum can be greatly increased after the qigong exercise. That is to say that the qigong exercise can improve the immunity and anti-infectious immunity
TSH (thyroxine hormone promoter) showed slight decrease after the qigong exercise. It may be a result of the physiological activity of the hypothalamus changing from randomness to nonrandomness after the qigong exercise.
The decrease of LH (Luteum hormone promoter) and FSH (ovum growing hormone promoter) which are secreted by the hypophysis to the normal ranges after the qigong exercise indicates a regulation of the function of the process from the sex ability to a condition of storing of the sperm of the middle-aged. Then the imbalance endocrine of the body can be regulated and the organs be strengthened, and finally the kidney function is activated.