Qigong system: radiation effect of positively charged particles

Author: Dong Changjun
Affiliation: 264 Team Information Office of Nuclear Industry General, Company Ministry of Energy, Jiangxi, China [1]
Conference/Journal: 3rd Nat Acad Conf on Qigong Science
Date published: 1990
Other: Pages: 106 , Word Count: 248

A man can give out a certain radiation when his body is in qigong or special functional state. The frequency of the radiation is beyond that of electromagnetic field. Therefore people think that it is an unknown radiation. According to the modern physical viewpoint that every relative motion with charged particles can cause radiation around its space and the fact that only two charges--positive and negative exist in nature, this article suggests that the radiation emitted in qigong and special functional state probably is caused by the positively charged particles.

An experimental equipment which can produce radiation with positively charged particles was designed. The unit consists of a moving and sealing container with a heat cathode discharging tube in it and an electric motor. When neon is poured into the tube and the power supply is connected, the gas in the container is stimulated and turned into plasma, then switch on the electric motor, accelerated turning of the container will bring along ion to turn. Because the mass of anion is large, its circled current will cause radiation effect. So, the radiation caused by relative motion of positively charged particles is obtained. It is believed that if the radiation frequency produced in above mentioned experiment is similar to that caused by qigong and special functional state, then the above-mentioned hypothesis is tenable, and it is much easier to understand the whole secret of qigong and special function from the mechanism of human body's radiation caused by stimulated ionization.