Experiment and exploration of qigong and psychological induction--an area where no gods exist

Author: Guan Shan
Affiliation: Capital Institute of Medicine, Beijing, China [1]
Conference/Journal: 3rd Nat Acad Conf on Qigong Science
Date published: 1990
Other: Pages: 104 , Word Count: 418

The basic concept of qigong or qi energy, or psychic power, today as well as in ancient times, has to various extent, relied upon the application of psychological induction. As a matter of fact, psychological induction always is an important component of the skills of qigong. Qigong professionals should feel honored to recognize the importance of psychological induction in qi energy and not seek to avoid mentioning it. Not only can the conscious and scientific application of psychological induction dramatically strengthen the effectiveness of qigong both as a content of teaching and as a cure of diseases, but it can also help to clarify certain unsolved mysteries in qigong phenomena and differentiate between science and superstition and is therefore conductive to the healthy development of qi energy.

There exists two functional energies in the human brain, namely, the induced energy and self-emissive energy. Under standing the mutual repellence and dependence between these two energies provides a scientific basis for the application of psychological induction and its magic results. It is also the key to the decipherment of many mysteries about psychic power.

The essential idea of this article is based on a year-long experiment by the author as well as on numerous investigations and documents. Among the subjects of tests conducted were students and teachers in colleges and secondary schools, scientists and qigong enthusiasts. From November, 1988, more than ten experiments were conducted with a total of one thousand participants. The items of the experiments included total relaxation and self-forgetting, accumulation and maneuver or concentration of qi between navel and pubic being care-free and joyous as if to see the sea, sunrise, morning glow and rising up on a lotus flower, etc., qigong sightseeing visiting places of interest, travelling overseas, under earth and into the universe, stimulation of latent energies such as psychophotography, clairvoyance, remote, sensing telepathy, etc. The induction lasted for about one hundred minutes, using speech sounds as its principle inductor. The synchronous response of the subjects of experiment is shown as follows:

Response Percentage of objects tested
no 20
weak 30
average 30
strong 20

The blind, congenital total blind in particular, experienced the strongest synchronous response.

The first three items of the experiment are actually a combination of the psychotherapy in the West and the Chinese qigong of health preserving. Based on the first two items, we can also use the mechanisms of conditional reflex to form an 'Everyday Qigong' gradually, which suits different people of different physical conditions almost without special postures and senses peculiar to qi energy.