Fundamental studies on the feasibility of industrial microbial mutagenesis technique by qigong

Author: Li Shengping////
Affiliation: Tsinghua University, Bejing
Conference/Journal: 3rd Nat Acad Conf on Qigong Science
Date published: 1990
Other: Pages: 18 , Word Count: 408

It was proved by many qigong experiments that: man can affect matter by changing its structure or status without coming into contact with it. Then a new idea came to us: if the emitted wai qi of qigong can affect the genetic characteristics of microorganisms, then it is probable that qigong treatment became a new biological mutagenesis technique.

There are three sections of basic feasibility research:

1) Experimental observation of various kinds of biological molecules (acted on by the emitted wai qi) especially macromolecules DNA which take genetic informations.

By experiments, we assure that the wai qi can really affect molecules such as amino acids, proteins, pyrimidines, RNA and DNA. The experiment of fish sperm DNA shows that this kind of effect is not only powerful (it can change over half of the intensity of the 257nm UV absorption peak), but also versatile, that is it can change into positive or negative.

2) Experiment of E. coli and staphylococcus albus treated wit qigong

The results indicate that the wai qi can affect the plate-count of the survival bacteria and has a good effect on the growth ability.

3) Experiment of industrial producer kanamycin and ribostamycin producing strains treated with qigong.

This experiment shows that the qigong treatment has a good effect on the growth ability of producer, and can greatly increase the production ability. The new method is of the following features:

(1) Lower death rate of strains treated with qigong.

It means that the principle is absolutely different from that of classical physical or chemical mutagenesis.

(2) High directionality and wide positive mutation frequency after qigong treatment.

Using this method, we can decrease the period of selection high producing strains.

(3) Normal colonial morphology after qigong treatment.

This phenomenon is also different from that of classical mutagenesis.

(4) No harm to human bodies and no pollution to the environment.

(5) With qigong method, the microorganisms can grow luxuriantly, the fermentation cycle is shortened, thus the production ability is highly increased.

(6) Using this method, there still is a great effect on the saturated productive strains which were mutagenized by classical methods.

(7) The genetic characteristics of the selected high-producing strains is stable by the transfer of culture experiment.

Systematic research shows that the qigong mutagenesis technique is really a new biological technique. From many features of the selected high producing strains, we can see, it is very advantageous to industrial production.

This method gives us many new scientific research subjects and shows a wide range of applications.