Report of a case of arterial thrombopsis controlled by Hur Hsiang Chuang qigong

Author: Goh Gouw Tjhing
Affiliation: Malaysia [1]
Conference/Journal: 2nd Int Conf on Qigong
Date published: 1989
Other: Pages: 360 , Word Count: 479

Mr. Ma Chee Hang , a male chinese goldsmith of 40 years of age , experienced transient attacks of numberless of right upper limb since 1981. All these had occurred in the early hours of the morning when he was awaken by the attack. He had to get up and swing his right arm until the numbness or weakness disappeared , only then he could fall asleep. It was very painful indeed.
In the beginning , the attack occurred about once or twice a year. He felt a bit tight at his chest during the day. Breathing was a bit difficult at the times.
From 1985, weakness or numbness of his upper limb occured more frequently and at early hours of the morning as usual. During the attack he oculd not raise his right arm. He had use his left hand to help it swing for a while only then he felt comfortable.
In 1987, Mr. Ma went to Singapore to seek the treatment of consultant neurologist Dr. Loong Si Chin. Mr. Ma's blood cholesterol was found to be high. Carotid ultrasonography and doppler studies gave evidence of atheromatous palgue in both internal carotid arteries. A diagnosis of arterial thrombosis was made. The right internal carotid artery was blocked by 60 per cent and the left internal carotid artery, 40 per cent. He was then put on aspirin 30 mg daily. But there was no improvement. The chest still appeared to be tight and breathing was still difficult at times. it appeared to have something blocking the thoracic cavity.
In January 1988, Mr. Ma started learning sand practicing hur hsiang chuang qigong under the guidance of the author. In the beginning he learned out of curiosity. But when is labored palace acupoint ( in the palm) began to feel hot , his interest in qigong began. He learned and practiced very conscientiously day and night, his symptoms improved greatly and finally there was no more attack of weakness or numbness of his right upper limb during the early hours of the morning, his blood cholesterol level also came down to within normal limits.
When the sickness is different, the movements of the body during the spontaneous dynamic qigong would be different. The movements could be very vigorous, jumping, hopping or very graceful., the flow of the qi energy through the meridians could be interpreted by observing the movements during the spontaneous dynamic qigong exercises.
Practice of qigong together with medication coupling with certain food abstinence very often could bring about rapid recovery of sicknesses.
Every type of qigong has its own emphasising factors and so are the flow of qi energy through the meridian pathways. But basically all are beneficial to mankind in the forms of health, healing of diseases and longevity. Thus practitioners of different qigong should learn from one another and exchange knowledge and experiences so that together they could promote and propagate the practice of qigong all over the world.