Exploration of relation between of human body and qigong

Author: Jiang Zhonghao
Affiliation: Wulumuqi City, Xinjiang, China [1]
Conference/Journal: 2nd Int Conf on Qigong
Date published: 1989
Other: Pages: 346 , Word Count: 1115

The human-body and universe is an unity which bases on its materiality. Material is eternal in time and boundless in space, there is nothing in the world but motional material.
Universe means the world for the gigantic matters as planet, fixed stars and galaxy. The sun is a fixed star in the universe and its chemical elements is almost the same as the earth on which human being lives. The sun and the earth have common moving law and both have their own magnetic field. The sun produces huge energy to the space and human being depends on sun's light and hear for existence. To explore the relation between human and universe, we should recognize their material attribute, unity of material holo-relation, unity of material law and the dependence and relativity of interrelation of material variety.

Universe is limitless, scientists are exploring whether it is only on this small earth exists lives. Johnson, an American chemist, said recently that since amino acid (base of life) could be brought to the earth, it also could be brought to other places of universe. So the evolutive course of life in the earth would happen in other places of universe, from this point we can infer that material of unity and organic life exist not only in the earth. The earth has history of 4,600,000,000 years and nearly 4,000,000,000 years ago lives appear in the earth. It is after billions of years, that is to say about 67,000,000 years ago, the evolution of plant and animal approaches modern level. As to the development of human, Johnson, a world famous anthropologist, found a female skeleton fossil died about 3,000,000 years ago in Ethiopia where is regarded as the original place of human being, and the unearthed 'man of butterfly' from Butterfly-Hill of Small village District, Yuan-Mou County,. Hunan province, China, who lived 4,000,000 years ago, is regarded as the oldest ancestor by archaeologists. It is firmly believed that the evolution of living being to ape took more than 4,000,000,000 years, and from ape to modern man , another 4,000,000 years passed. The development of human being proves that man can not live without universe materials. The development of living being and humanbody also proves that amino-acid makes up cells, which develope to modern man.
The human body is a very complicated and wonderful organism. Hyflick, an American scholar, found that an adult has fifty and sixty thousand billion cells about, One cell can grow up an adult, if you want to change it to an adult. The fact shows that one cell exists great latent power. The living cell of the Body exists the hereditary functions of organism. The advanced human-beings are developed by the heredity of organism cells before four billion years. Before four million years, the human-beings are developed by separating itself from Mothers Oxygen core and sugar core-acid. The structure of the human being have supernatural function, as the heart which is an organ that doesn't know what is exhausted. Take the seventy years of one person for example, the heart beats tow point five billion and two hundreds million times without nay rest from the embryo to the last, This is the miracle of society and nature. In one body, the micro-blood vessel which moves the blood to go has the length of sixty-nine thousand kms, which can circle the earth more than once and a half. The five internal organs and the vital organs of the human body has their own wonderful functions. The protein which forms all parts of the human body must be have the ferment as 'Catalyst'. The protein must be needed for the life of human being. The amino-acid is needed for making the protein. If you want to make the protein from the amino-acid, the ferment as 'Catalyst' is needed. In the body, there are not only the organs of wonderful functions; but also the micro ferment. If we can use the principle of the ferment in the body into the industrial product, that is the industrial revolution in the world. So we uncover the mystery from the little universe cell in researching the human body.

The treasure, Qigong, is wonderful cultural heritage of China, Qigong has five thousand years of history, which makes greater contributions to the development of humanity. In the nowadays of world, Qigong can make the unestimate social influences if we spread the value of Qigong to the education and vast society fields.
The breath of Qigong, is the matter with rich information and energy. The general breath is formed by the Mother's and Father's breath, the air of-water and grains and the air from the earth. The three breaths make the alive breath of humanity activities, Qigong can make and refine the breath to little matter. Qigong has many groups, the essentials of practising their skills are to adjust body, 'spirit', and breath. Qigong treats 'Spirit' 'breath' 'energy' as the treasures of humanity. Qigong emphasized the refinery of 'spirit' 'breath' 'energy'. The activity of the human being life mainly relies on the five internal organs of the human body. The five internal organs store the breath, and the vital organs of the human body is to digest, to assimilate, to excrete. The activity of the human being life also relies on the breath of regularly movement in body, the inside breath spread over the body across the twelve channel and eight special channels in warpnet of body. If you practice the Qigong well, you can make out real breath, you can keep your body healthy. The human are best one in the world, for human have highly developed brains. There are more than one hundred and forty billion cells in the brain, which one million cells are usually used only, most of cells in brain are stored restfully. It shows that there are boundless latent power in the developed brain. We study the human body firstly relies on long research of science. We do Qigong is the short way to develop the function of the human body. If you do Qigong, you should keep yourself with the unity principle of the heaven, the earth, the human and the matter. You should change your willing to matter. You should make the wonderful function of Qigong to collect the essence of human body. You should get the energy from vast universe. If you do these, you can practise the body mechanism to a higher spirit field. We must find out a new way to make the humanity happy. The science of Qigong will brighten up dazzlingly beautiful brilliance.