Analysis on Treatment of Phobia in 33 Cases

Author: Jin P//Jin S
Affiliation: Guangdong People’s Hospital 510080
Conference/Journal: New Chinese Medicine Science
Date published: 1996
Other: Volume ID: 7 , Pages: 40-4 , Word Count: 197

Objective: To try to investigate the effect of complex therapy consisted of psychotherapy, Qigong and herbs in treating phobia.
Methods: The study was carried out in 33 clinical patients with the course of disease from 2 months to 5 years, and was comprised of 10 males and 23 females. In five cases the subjects were below 20 years old, 15 cases between 21-25,4 cases between 26-30, 4 cases between 31-35, 3 cases between 36-40, and 2 cases above 40.
A complex therapy was used for the patients, which consisted of psychotherapy including cognitive therapy and desensitization therapy, Qigong therapy (Sun Simiao imagining renal-Qi from head to foot for deficient patients; Su Dongpo counting breath method for sthenic patients; Gong Juzhong silent sitting for all patients) and herb therapy according to the diagnosis of TCM.
Results: Twenty-two cases (66.6%) were cured, whose symptom disappeared completely; 7cases (21.2%) showed significant improvement in the symptoms; 2 cases (6.1%) showed some improvement; 2 cases (6.1%) stopped the treatment. The period of time spent treating ranged from 10 days to half a year, with the average time 38 days. Five cured cases who were followed up for 1-2 years did not recur.
Conclusion: It is a good method of treating phobia with complex therapy consisted of psychotherapy, Qigong and herb treatment.