Some tentative ideas about the application of extraordinary power of human body in space flight

Author: Li Weiling
Affiliation: 86-711 of National University of Defense Technology, China [1]
Conference/Journal: 2nd Int Conf on Qigong
Date published: 1989
Other: Pages: 341 , Word Count: 244

Chinese Qigong, Indian Yoga and Western ESP are all manifestations of the potential energy of human body. This paper deals with the possible application of the human body extraordinary power in spaceflight.
Qigong training methods have great superiority under various special conditions in spaceflight, such as superheavy, weightlessness, vibration, lack of oxygen, decrease in pressure, high temperature, low temperature, etc. Which have special requirements to the mental-physical qualities of cosmonauts. Qigong can also ideally adjust some symptoms similar to body aging, some functional change of endocrine owing to long time weightlessness, and various functional change of in unity.
Cosmonauts' flying to and fro, material supply, fixing breakdowns maintenance of equipments and remote sensing information collection are all necessary activities of spaceflight. By applying mental power, Qigong may replace or simplify these activities. ESP can be applied to ground-sky communication, the communication of space station systems. PK (psycho-kinetics) can be applied into rocket launching, orbit control, emergent adjustment of a spaceship, OMV and OTV and other space transportation systems. The function of the propellant of a rocket can be improved by utilizing the effect of Qi to chemical reactions. qi can make the use of oxygen in space more effective. PK may also be used to move space rubbish.
Far-distance seeing and sensing can be used in detecting and observing the mental-physical conditions of cosmonauts. The cryonic state of human body may also be realized in order to make long-period flight of a cosmonant possible.