Multi-dimensional world and new unified field theory--physical principle of qigong Jing Lou and phenomenon of unusual somatic function

Author: Wang Qisheng//Wang Tunan
Affiliation: Institute of Designing Research, P.O. Box 230, Beijing, China [1]
Conference/Journal: 2nd Int Conf on Qigong
Date published: 1989
Other: Pages: 327 , Word Count: 929

Qigong jingluo and phenomenon of unusual somatic function to health protection and medical treatment has a great deal function in china. From written accounts, they have a history of above 2000 years. Even the modern science developed in recent 300 years can't make a qualitative explanation on that. In fact, there are a series of physical problems like that such as problem of unified field, essence of gravitation, natural character of light, the most basic constitute of material and so on. In the philosophy book by laozi of ancient china, there are a lot of good viewpoint which can't be explained by modern science, so as to be called as the philosophic mysticism of the orient by the western. The relivity of modern physics can only describe the time-space of subphoic' movement, but knows nothing about light velocities movement, in recent years, an. ultraphotic expansion of the radioactive source beyond the milky way has been discovered in astronomy. That is the problem, we consider the time-space regulation should be continuous. We extend the equations for special relativity and matter waves to equal to photic and ultraphotic velocities making use of the viewpoint of the science of automatic control to do processing in order to reveal that the motion of matter besides existing in the forms of three and four dimensions also exist in yet another form the 5-dimensional state comparing the state material of 3-dimensional, it is a unseen dimension. The conversion of the state between the three and higher dimensions is realized by the frequency determined by the relative velocity exciting and resonance. Then it may be controlled by human. The states between three and higher dimensions are relative fluctuation, and the relative volumes equal zero. The time-space filed is the most basic constitutes of all material. Under different oscillatory pattern, it become any atom and constitute any matter. Photon is the same too, gravitational field or wave is time-space field or wave in essence. All fields are unified as time-space field. Material wave existed in the relatively moving bodies is time-space wave in essence too. Its transition possesses ultradistaness. It is the certain response amid bodies of relative motion. It's testified that time-space field has energy. his new time-space viewpoint can almost solve all the difficulties current in physics, and the parapsychologic phenomena like qigong, the unusual function of the human body (or PSI), and the UFO could all find explanation quantitatively and qualitatively. It also offers a mathematical-physical model for oriental mystic philosophy.
The explanation for qigong and jingluo. Between human body and outside exists the exchange of matter. Energy and information. The motion of internal of body is extremely complex, yet it is reletively stable and orderly. Various motion of matter will cause the time-space field oscillation inevitable. It possesses energy and will inevitable result in the occurrence of superimposition in the inside. On skin and outside space near of the human body, form a stable net of energy. This is the jingluo, that had been made a detailed expostulation in HuangDi's neijing. It comes motion and yet produces some regulation and control effects on mottion within the human body. It seen the convection structure of I.prigogine's theory on dissipative. To the jingluo system, it ought to be the time-space pattern. In neijing the energy flow in jingluo is called 'qi', and that outside of human body is known as the external qi. Through qigong regulation body. heart and nerve, electric of brain. electic heart and various motion in the intenal body are highly orderly, internal and external qi are growing stronger. It can be health protection and medical treatment ot oneself and other, yet may emit and receive on direction along with thought. It may be action other matter, effect and change time space of state of the motion of other matter. Time-space is unified field, so the qi may appear form as electricity. magnetism. sound and light etc.
phenomenon of unusual somatic function
qigong practitioners may emit time-space waves act the matter of 3-dimensions that frequence are difference, it would giverise to the time-space field oscillation of object which would then become wall ball, that uolume is equal zero and get into fifth dimension, disappear from uisual field and penetrate any screen, are moved any where, but can restore the original state again. When time-space waves act at a certain part of tightly medicine bottle wall to make it partially get into high dimensions, a hole appear, shaking the bottle the pill was thus able to get through out.
Penetrate ( remote ) sight:
qigong practitioner's thought wave have hologram of man, it may penetrate any objects penetrate (remote) sight, may into the internal of any objects that directly receive and sense its internal time-space state. Yet this is the source of audiovisual theory of knowledge, in the philosophy of oriental (chinese) mysticism.
Forecast (visualise) the future:
The time-space of past. present and future are complete continuity originally. future ot a man who place in 3dimensional is not understanding. The mathematical model of new time-space view reveal the thought wave of qigong practitioners may enter the time-space of past and future, understand past and visualise future.
Owing to this assumption make one's statement consistent well, it seem to practice have shot way, qigong function reappear is probably with industrial way; research medical treatment instrument of qigong; produce artificial contrary gravitational partially in transport to save a great deal of energy; change the stone to gold; with the time-space wave to renew means of communication....Mankind will be free from crisis of natural resources and energy thoroughly.