The summary of the principles of the new life mechanics

Author: Bai Tao
Affiliation: Hebei Broadcast and TV University, China
Conference/Journal: 2nd Int Conf on Qigong
Date published: 1989
Other: Pages: 316 , Word Count: 762

The first part of this article is about the principles of the new life mechanics which explains that life is a vibration of negative-positive self-circulation. Life lies in vibration and its nature is to realize the self-accumulation or self-increase of positive energy through the overlapping coupling vibration of both positive and negative metabolizations within the system The manifestation of positive energy's self-increase is the DNA-protein ultracirculation which is a continuous self-reproduction of orderly structure
By corresponding the twelve-decrease-increase-divination in 'Zhongyicantongqi' by Wei Boyang of East Han Dynasty with the twelve DNA genetic codes when simplified, we may make clear the nature of DNA-protein ultracirculation, i.e. recordings and reproduction for the appearing and disappearing procedures of the different energetic states of the bio-chemical molecules in those two metabolizations. All the bio-chemical molecules that can facilitate the catabolism are positive materials, while all those that facilitate the combination metabolization are negative materials.
The laws that determine the mechanism of positive negative self-circulation:
I. The Self-coupling and coordinating Law of the substance and Energy in the Life System (which includes the following two principles).
(1)The Self-coupling and Coordinating Reflection Principle of Quantum of Positive and negative Energies.
The bio-chemical molecules are called 'Energetic Drops' because they have specific-energy levels and activation positions in the metabolization. And we can get five kinds of energetic drops as 'metal, wood, water, fire, earth' in accordance with the basic structure of the energy levels. Thus, two closely related coupling circles of chemical reaction come into being in combination metabolization and catabolization their mutual promotion and restraint just like the coupling circle of the theory of five elements for the purpose of forming the positive negative self-vibration.
( 2 ) The Energy Surplus Principle
The vibration can be in progress only when energy surplus is formed. The conditions of forming surplus fit in the following balance formulas.
A)The formula of catabolism
Building molecules+Low-grade nourishment+ATP+ Transforming metabolite => Merely increased transforming metabolite+Middle metabolite+merely increased ATP+energy loss or wastage
B)The formula of combination metabolization
Building molecules+Middle metabolite+ATP => Merely increased building bio-chemical molecules+Transforming metabolite+Energy loss or wastage
A, refers to the low-grade nutriment, like dextrose molecule, etc.; B', the transforming metabolizing molecules produced by the combination metabolization; B,transforming metabolite; (delta)B', the merely increased transforming metabolizing molecules after the catabolism; C, the building biochemical molecules, like DNA, protein molecules, etc.; C', consumed building bio-chemical molecules in the catabolism; C', the needed building molecules in the combination metabolization; D, the middle metabolite; D', the middle metabolite molecule in the combination metabolization; Q, the lost energy in catabolism; Q', the consumed energy in the combination metabolization; (delta)ATP, the merely increased ATP molecules after catabolism Then we can get he following five formulas:

(delta)ATP >= ATP(-) +ATP(=)+Q+Q'
C= C + C'
B= (delta)B+B'
C'/C'=H (H, a specific value)

II The Law of Positive-negative Self-coupling Balanced Alienation in the Life System
The life vibration is actually self-alienation process of bio-chemical molecules. The alienation process in which the molecular orbital forms lowly energetic molecules and release the quantity of heat by way of hybrid and overlapping is one that alienates to the positive, Whereas the process that can form highly energetic orbital is called one that alienates to the negative. The more important is that the quantity of heat released by alienation to the positive can just make the rest molecules alienate to the negative, and vice versa, for the purpose of reaching the balance of alienation thus, a self-circulation is finished.
The second part of this article discusses the application of the principles in the aspect of Qigong, which is to illustrate that the nature of Qigong is just a process in which the alienation in people's body can be strengthened and a stable self-vibration can also be finished. The state of Qigong is just energy level's resonance formed by the stable self-vibration by which we can absorb or release the radiation of specific frequency as a whole energy level.
The last part is calculation which in accordance with the self-vibration formula, i e the positive potential energy resonance formula represented by cGMP,


The solution of this equation is a cosine function which explains that the positive-negative vibration in people's body fits i the cosine curve. This is actually the meaning of Taiji chart. The S line in that chart is just the cosine curve which indicates that the positive negative self-coupling vibration enclosed within the system is in keeping with the cosine curve.