Qigong science

Author: Ang TT
Affiliation: Chinese Nature Cure Institute Singapore, International Qigong Science Federation, Singapore [1]
Conference/Journal: 2nd Int Conf on Qigong
Date published: 1989
Other: Pages: 303 , Word Count: 665

Acupuncture, Qigong and Taiji Quan are the three precious arts of the Orient. They are the branches of learning beneficial to the human health. Many ethnic chinese overseas and people of other nationalities who have deep love for chinese culture are also taking interest in the research of these arts for the sake of promoting and developing them. Some have even chosen them as life-long careers. Many books on Acupuncture have been published.
Acupuncture has been developed into part of medical science. Some institutes of medical research in Europe and America have taken it as a branch of academic studies. One can imagine that Acupuncture has enter the sphere of serious science. Some even predict that one of these days in the near future we say all have to other countries to study Acupuncture or to obtain a higher degree in Acupuncture.
Taiji Quan has become popular all over the world. It is recognized exclusively as one of the spectacular products of the chinese culture. The uniqueness of Taiji Quan is that one who practice it will feel its gentleness , relaxation and consciousness from the beginning to the end. In the course of practicing these arts , it is possible for the arts lovers to cultivate a non-aggressive , relaxing and gentle existence with a inner spiritual sensation thereby being able to harmonize one's living life style. It has been medically proven that the practice of Taiji Quan can stimulate the cerebral and the central nerve system of the human mind and bring about a harmonic and homeostatic balance of the body Hence Taiji Quan is a superior from of exercise.
The world is concerned about Qigong but its medical effects have not been fully understood. We all hope that we can acquire more knowledge in science to understand Qigong like what we have known the effects and value of Acupuncture and Taiji Quan. Even though the practice of Qigong is gradually gaining popularity in many parts of the world, the participants are only confined to the masses. The intellectuals particularly those are trained in the west or scientists , still disbelieve or deny Qigong.
Similarly certain physiological and psychological actions claimed to be the phenomena of Qigong cannot convincingly be explained by medical science. Hence what Qigong masters want to demonstrate will be denounced as merely ignorant or foolish things or taken as deliberately trying to turn a simple thing to deceive the world.
In recent years China has discovered from scientific research that apart from being discovered to be containing material base , Qigong also has exterior qi which can cause the biological elements to change and to produce various effects in additional to the special function performed by human body to be relation to Qigong and life information. This discovery has also begun to draw the attention of foreign scholars to take interest in the research of Qigong. Now Qigong is gradually promoted throughout the world particularly in Southeast Asian countries such as Singapore , Malaysia and Indonesia. Singapore being located in a better -geographical position and being an open society has organized three regional Qigong conferences during which Qigong was examined on its medical effects in additional to the promotion of the art. Meantime , the International Qigong Science Federation was formed in 1988. Deterred by high cost of living in Japan , an International Qigong Conference nay be held in Taipei in 1989 while Beijing also shows interest in hosting the same conference. In 1989 it is very likely that two International conference on Qigong will be held
In order to introduce Qigong to the world like what has been done on the introduction of Acupuncture and Taiji Quan to the world to benefit the human being , the scientific research on Qigong should be continued with full strength and reports on such research must be seriously treated and be announced to the world so that scientists and doctors can also take interest in the study of Qigong to confirm its existence and accept it as a new branch of science.