Principles of “lin-zi-shu”

Author: Zhang Lihong
Affiliation: An Hui Teachers Training University, An Hui, China [1]
Conference/Journal: 2nd Int Conf on Qigong
Date published: 1989
Other: Pages: 273 , Word Count: 353

'Lin-zi-shu' is a big group of 'Qigong', which is a way to build body and cure illness. As far as curing is concerned, its aim is achieved through four parts as follows:
1. practice education;
2. brain wave massaging;
3. introduction 'Qi” outward;
4. acupuncture and moxibustion of 'Lin-Zi-Shu'.
At the same time it has distinctive effect on building body and longevity.
The feature of 'Lin-Zi-Shu' is that when the strong 'regulars spontaneous motion of limbs is generated, a kind of special state is shown, which can get excitement and cure illness together with many miraculous effects, such as: exploring intelligence, improving sports achievement, etc.. As a while it benefits for health very much. This kind of spontaneous motion is neither psychological suggestion, nor physiological spasm. It is a result of 'pure-Qi' motion of practitioner. The ancient Chinese medical science said that 'pure-Qi' of 'Young' was called 'mind', and 'pure-Qi' of 'Ying' was called 'soul'. The principles of 'Lin-Zi-Shu' is based on effect of this 'pure-Qi' of 'Yin'.
The mind must be put into the aloof state which is different from imaginary strong self-suggestion-state and also from no-self-state of thoughtless when 'Lin-Zi-Shu' is picked up. The state should be in which whether distracting thought or vain hopes is run their course, that is said , letting yourself completely freedom from control to follow it. Do not take offense or be strickler for yourself and surroundings, besides, don't think it on purpose or restrain yourself thought. In a word, this is fundamental maim points of 'Lin-Zi-Shu'.
There are three ways to produce spontaneous motion of limbs by practicing 'Lin-Zi-Shu' as follows:
1. avoiding food for a certain length of time;
2. neverously exerting with partial muscles;
3. motion of limbs with consciousness.
The first way is seldom used because the common people can hardly finish it. The second way is convenient so that most of the people choose it. If it can not lead to spontaneous motion, the third way can be used.
because neither concentration in mental nor thinking nor selfsuggestion in psychology is needed when 'Lin-Zi-Shu' is practiced, it can not make harmful effect on nerves system or sake deviation.