Relationship between jinyuan qigong physiomedicine

Author: Huang Ruisen
Affiliation: Department Qigong Therapy, Zhejiang Institute of Traditonal Chinese Medicine Pharmacy & Medicine, Zhejiang, China [1]
Conference/Journal: 2nd Int Conf on Qigong
Date published: 1989
Other: Pages: 272 , Word Count: 497

Jinguan Qigong , an exercise I have been engaged in for across of years, is a new branch of Qigong I developed by combining its mechanism with the traditional Chinese medicine such as acupuncture moxibustion, point-pricking, message , etc., on the basis of clinical practice. Its principle is in agreement with natural laws and human physiology to promote physical and mental health. Exercises of this kind in a definite position, in a specific way of breathing and mood, is helpful to the health of viceras, blood circulation, elimination of diseases, adaptation to the natural environment and resistance. Its mechanism is a combination of stationary power helps the concentration of energy and tranquilization of the mod. And the dynamic power is in the imitation of activities of animals and fowls of various kinds, both of which have their own characteristics yet supplement each other to keep the energy long without exhaustion. The energy emitted is a cure of diseases and the energy well kept internally ensures good health and longevity. Clinically, Jinyuan Qigong lays stress on radiated energy, i.e. energy-radiation therapy in combination with pointpricking. In the treatment of diseases, a Qigong Doctor can emit his energy into a patient's points or channels at quite a distance without direct touch to induce purposive but unspontaneous and rhythmic movement of a certain part of the body , exerting a beneficial effect on the patient's viceras, joints, muscles, muscle tendon, fasciae, ligament and nervous vessels. Jinyuan Qigong therapy, acceptable to patients without any pain and side-effects has treated more than 30,000 patients and been proved effective for over 100 kinds of diseases in addition to some incurable diseases by the Western and traditional Chinese medicine. And, therefor, compatriots in Hong Kong and Macao think highly of it as a wonder therapy. Qigong Master Huang, the author was invited to the congress of the World Health Research Foundation held in the U.S. with the participation of 36 countries to give lectures and clinical demonstrations to leave to the foreigners a mysterious impression and Jinyuan Qigong popular abroad.
A lot of experiments and observations have been carried out to explore its physiological effects and the relationship between the mechanism of its radiated energy and the vitality and blood theory of the traditional Chinese medicine all for the purpose Of serving better the broad masses.
Jinyuan Qigong has confirmed to have analgetic effect characterized by its systemic analgetic effect and after action.
Experiments have demonstrated a clear increase in the CAMP of the energy-radiated plasma, possessing the ability to inhibit cell splitting and the development of tumor cells and promote cell differentiation.
Jinyuan Qigong is capable of improving DNA synthesis by lymphocytes to. enhance immunity.
It has hypnotic effect.
The period from September, 1980 to October, 1985 saw the treatment of a great number of patients with myoneualgia caused by cervical, thoracic and lumbar vertebral diseases, lumbar muscle strain, ischias and omits. Follow-up in 165 cages reported 154 to have excellent result or improvement, accounting for 93.33% with eleven cases of failure.