The principal means and the two related ways of life prolongation

Author: Deng Ruiwu
Affiliation: Third Geological Brigade, Hebei Geological Minerals Bureau, Hebei, China
Conference/Journal: 2nd Int Conf on Qigong
Date published: 1989
Other: Pages: 258 , Word Count: 312

The chief means of life prolongation is the Chinese Deep Breathing Exercises (Qi Gong). The two related ways are the Jogging in the West and the Inverted Stance of the Indian Yoga. All manifest excellent results besides unsurpassed comfort during process.
This paper evaluates these three means respectively iron four sides-- the mechanism, the process, the comfort felt and the effect achieved.

A. Mechanism: 1. Deep Breathing Exercises energize the breath, thereby inducing surprisingly effective self therapy of such cases as organic pathology, sprained joints, harms done to internal organs as well as certain incurable illnesses, which is not replaceable by modern sport activities. However, under present day conditions of life , the bones, the ligaments and the important organs as the heart being unfortified after recovery, heart and brain arteriosclerosis cannot be expected to be ameliorated. 2. Jogging expands the veins thereby invigorating the heart although sudden accelerated running often causes partial blood deficiency in the brain and heart. It is also hard to a end arteriosclerosis by jogging alone. 3. Inverted Stance fully supplies the brain with oxygen and blood ,and maintains the best balance in blood circulation. This is possible only when one is in good health and when blood can flow freely.

B. Process: 1. Deep Breathing Exercises eventually energize the brain . 2. Jogging starts with gent running ,which is gradually accelerated. 3. Inverted Stance consists of swift change of stance by using hands instead of feet for support.

C. Comfort during Process: 1. Spiritualization is felt when doing' deep breathing .2. Gentle running makes one feel light of body and accelerated running affords the feeling of floating in air. 3. Rapture is felt when the stance is inverted.

D. Effect: The author ,now over 70, has been doing these three forms of life prolongation exercises for only five years, and has been found both in perfect health and high spirits without any signs of arteriosclerosis or bone proliferation.