The application of taiji restraining point in relaxing qigong

Author: Song Xinhong//Xia Shuangquan
Affiliation: Qigong Teaching and Research Section, Wuhan Sports College, Wuhan, China [1]
Conference/Journal: 2nd Int Conf on Qigong
Date published: 1989
Other: Pages: 257 , Word Count: 313

Using the Taiji restraining point found first that brain wave rising and falling in relaxing Qigong. We have made gratifying achievements and collected a large of feeling materials in doing Qigong the Qigong teaching and practices at Wuhan sports college and Qigong class at Wuhan old age univ. In Guangzhou military region , the training class of Qigong teacher from colleges and universities in the whole country. To prove and illustrate the effect of application, we have compared it with the variation of physiological reaction before and after and after doing Qigong detected by scientific instruments and means. The detected indexes include the rising and falling chart of brain wave, function of heart, pulse, Rongji wave and etc..
The physiological indexes of subjective feeling and objective science show that the restraining point of Taiji chart is the core of relaxing Qigong. It can change the excitation, nervousness, high energy 'consumption in normal state into the restraining, relaxing and low energy consumption in Qigong stators bring the spirit, consciousness, hearing back to the restraining point, thereby, it improves the balance of brain and psychology' and results in the balance of whole body. It can arouse the peculiar function, take into Qigong state and get useful effect quickly, give the students good biological effect. This way can' be suitable for gentle,' lady, old, young in all walks of life, relieve the tired in the work and study with a day. It has these characteristics: enter into Qigong state quickly, has good effects launch and popularize early. It's a good way for beginners.
This way is concluded trod teaching practice in Wuhan sports college for many years. I introduce it to everyone as a new way DOW, hope to discuss it Jointly and research deeply, so as to bring out the effect of Qigong fully and excite better the latent capacity of body and his brain.