Taiji yiuyang xuanyin gong

Author: Yao Dehong
Affiliation: Weinan School of Traditonal Chinese Medicine, Shaanxi Province, China [1]
Conference/Journal: 2nd Int Conf on Qigong
Date published: 1989
Other: Pages: 254 , Word Count: 382

Qigong -- a bright pearl of the Chinese nation's age-old civilization. It is a main part of traditional Chinese medical science. Its theory is accurate, fine, abstruse. This article give a rough explanation on Taoist school's secret skill which was passed on among the people for 1000 years - TAIJI JIUYANG XUANYIN GONG.
The writer, as a successor, had followed the successor of TAIJI JIUYANG XUANYIN GONG -- XUANYIN Taoist priest, and learned the secret skill from his. For more people knowing the skill, I decide to write it down and made known to the public, so as to help numerous Qigong amateurs and bring benefit to the people.
The article explain the skill in two parts, origin of the skills relation of the skills
TAIJI JIUYANG XUANYIN GONG is said that Zhang Boduan founded during Northern Song Dynasty. Founder of DA XIAO ZHOUTIAN NBIDAN SHU, ZIYANG ZHENGREN, Zhang Boduan (984 -1084 -A. D), styled himself Pingshu, Taoist named Ziyang, south founder of Taoist Jindan group. That is to say, founder of Ziyang group. He went to a mountain and lived in seclusion for being disillusioned with the mortal world in his middle age. He kept his attention on researching NEIDANSHU of Taoist school. In old age, he roamed to Sichuan and met famous master Liu Haichan, learned JINYE HUANDAN HUOHOU JUE from Liu . He finished his book 'WU ZHEN PLAN' after a short time. 'WU ZHEN PIAN', a classic work of NEIDAN group of Taoist school, expound the laws of JIANDAN. At last, he became a famous founder, too.
TAIJI JIUYANG XUANYIN GONG mixed Taoist skill. WUSHU and medical skill together. She absorbed the cream of TIANDI, gathered YINYANG and became a set of first-class skill. She, a congenital skill, consist of nine skills:
(l) Moving skills;
(2) Silence skills(NEI DAN GONG);
(3) Zhou Tian going skills;
(4) Collecting QI skills;
(5) Collecting cream skills;
(6) WAI QI NEI SHOU skills;
(7) NEI QI WAI FANG skills;
(8) YINGYANG magic skills;
(9) Illusionism skills.
By practicing TAIJI JIUYANG XUANYIN GONG, one can prolong his life, return postnatal Qi to congenital Qi, stimulate one's potential ability. To WUSHU, one can get a health body, soft as cotton and hard as steel; To medical skill, can be used in 'WAIQI guiding', 'ZUCHANG treating'. 'DAIGONG treating'. 'remote treating'(range from 25 km to 250 km).