Yin yang eight divinations and qigong

Author: Liu Zhongli//Bai Yangsheng
Affiliation: Beijing Chemical College, Beijing, China [1]
Conference/Journal: 2nd Int Conf on Qigong
Date published: 1989
Other: Pages: 252 , Word Count: 326

The Chinese classical philosophy is the theoretical basis of the traditional sports events in China. And YinYang (negative and positive the two opposing principles in nature) Eight Diagrams or 'Ba Gua'(eight combinations of three whole or broken lines formerly used in divination) is a part of it theory (or Eight Diagrams in Yin Yang) of Yin Yang Ba Gua is originated from 'Zhou Yi' , a book on history philosophy and astrology. It states the principle of the unity of opposites by means of divination such as Yin Yang Wuxing, the eight Diagrams. Thus, we adopt them as fundamental theory to direct practice and as a' result, a lot of traditional sports events have been invented, created and developed which have become traditional treasures of the civilization of long standing of the Chinese nation (for thousands of years), theories of Yin Yang and the eight Diagrams in Qigong is mainly to relieve Yang and repress Yin. Exercising Yang Qi and expelling Yin. So as to keep them in a state of balance. The book 'Yiyi' or Easy cure compares the human body to a small universe. For this reason, it's said that practicing Qigong has the big and small circulations in human body. It compares the celestial body moving orbit in nature to the (track of) airflow through main and collateral channels regarded as a network of passages inside the human body. The same in true of Jin (Gold) to lungs, Mu (wood) to the liver, Shui (water) to kidney, Huo (fire) to the heart and Tu (soil) to Spleen. Also, it says that a person's life time is just like the 64 (8*8) gua.
The course of practicing Qigong can make a person's disposition different, changing from the aged state of negative Gua (57 Gua) to the childhood state (making) of peaceful Gua (25 Gua). This is called reverse the course of events (heaven & earth), turning negation into positiveness, strengthen and toughen the body and recover one's youthful vigour.