Effect of yogic training on serum LDH levels

Author: Pansare MS//Kulkarni AN//Pendse UB
Conference/Journal: J Sports Med Phys Fitness
Date published: 1989
Other: Volume ID: 29 , Issue ID: 2 , Pages: 177-8 , Word Count: 119

LDH is a glycolytic enzyme utilised during exercise to provide energy to contracting muscles. Chronic submaximal exercise for a longer duration shows about two-fold increase in LDH levels. Yogic practises might be bringing similar effects. The present work was designed to study effect of yogic training on LDH levels. Fourteen female and six male students of average age or 18 years were subjected to yogic training for six weeks. Serum LDH levels were found before and after the training course by spectrophotometric method of Henry et al. The serum LDH levels were within normal limits and showed significant increase both in females and males after yogic training. It indicates that Yoga has similar effect on LDH levels like endurance training.