Improvement in oxidative status with yogic breathing in young healthy males

Author: Bhattacharya S//Pandey US//Verma NS
Affiliation: Department of Physiology, King George's Medical College, Lucknow, 226 003
Conference/Journal: Indian J Physiol Pharmacol
Date published: 2002
Other: Volume ID: 46 , Issue ID: 3 , Pages: 349-54 , Special Notes: Clinical Trial , Word Count: 151

The modern living lifestyle is known to produce various physical and psychological stresses and subject the individual to produce oxidative stresses as well. The aim of this study has been to assess the effect of yogic breathing exercises (pranayama) on the oxidatives stress. The study group consisted of 30 young male volunteers, trained for the purpose of this study and an equal number of controls were used. The free radicals and Super oxide dismutase levels were measured before the study and at the end of the study. The free radicals were decreased significantly in the study group but the SOD was increased insignificantly as compared to the control group. Yogic breathing exercises not only help in relieving the stresses of life but also improve the antioxidant status of the individual. An improvement in the antioxidant status is helpful in preventing many pathological processes that are known with impaired antioxidant system of body.