Observations on the therapeutic effects of electric qigong on eighty-seven nearsighted teenagers

Author: Su Baocang//Cheng Shengjin
Affiliation: Jinzhou Medical Institute, China [1]
Conference/Journal: 2nd Int Conf on Qigong
Date published: 1989
Other: Pages: 200 , Word Count: 896

Myopia is a common and frequently-occurring disease among teenagers, and up to the present, Chinese and Western medicine have not found a good cure for it.

Myopia has a bad influence upon the teenagers' study, work, and the health of their body and mind. In the course of research on how to cure myopia, we tried 8 way of combining electricity Qigong and the Qigong which is given off by the hands, to cure near sightedness. At present, we have already observed initial results. Now, we'll sun it up.

I. Object of research:
Average age is fourteen point five years old.

II. Method of Diagnosis:
Determine bare eye's sight, eyelid shadow and the small pupil's shadow, determine the type of crooked sight and degree, both before and after practicing Qigong.

III. Determination of Curative Effects:
If eyes can observe clearly two lines in the visual chart,
it's effective; more than three lines, notable results; recover sight more than one point zero, filly cured.

IV. The Method of Treatment:
a. The electricity Qigong method of treatment:
Adopt the electricity Qigong method taught by Dr. Li Qing Hens in the Ministry of Railway Engineering Command Post Hospital and Chinese Qigong master Liu Lian Chun. Using the alternating current qigong instrument and voltage regulator with safety installment, the doctor takes the live wire and the patient takes the zero wire, then the doctor touches the target location on the patients body with his fingers. A return circuit is formed. The Qigong doctor uses the 'looking for Qi by concentrating thoughts' method to cure near sightedness.
b. Cure myopia by coordinating the national united Qigong method.

V. Observations on Curative Effect
a. An observation of the curative effect of combining electricity Qigong and the Qigong which is given off by the hands to cure 33 cases of high degrees of near sightedness in students after 7 treatments. See section I.
Completely Cured-9.1% Effective-63.6% notable results-21.2% no effect-6% Total rate of effectiveness-94% There are 72.7% students who no longer need their glasses.
b. An observation on curing 54 cases of a high degree of near sightedness in students after 41 treatments. See list II, III, IV. According to the number of lines read clearly and comparing the different degrees before and 'after practicing Qigong, we find that after practicing Qigong, there is a decrease in high degree of near sightedness, and an increase in slight degree of near sightedness. We also observed a curative effect on the rate of crooked sight after practicing Qigong. If the degrees of the crooked sight are low, then decrease occurs quickly. The total rate of effectiveness is greater than 90%.

VI. The Principle of Strengthening Eyes by Qigong: Myopia, frequently occurring among teenagers, is caused by hypoplasia, lacking in vital energy of the liver, suffering from physical strain or recuperation. It is caused by vigourlessness inside the body, and eyesight declines causing an inability to clearly see objects in the distances

The Main function of the liver is to store blood. Its channels are connected to the eyes. The eyes conduct eyesight via the blood supply and the liver can invigorate the function of the eyeball by being nourished by the kidney and spleen. The spleen, which governs blood and the eyelid, regulates crystalline and ciliaris. The Qi produced from a Qigong master was conducted into the acupuncture point which corresponded with the meridian of a patient' 8 eyes. The part where the circulation of vital energy stagnated, mediate it; the part where the blood is extravasated, dredge it; the wart where there is a spasm; loosen it; the part where the meridian is separated, dredge it; the part where the meridian is condensed, disperse it. In this way, metabolic rate is increased, serious eye sickness is adjusted, and the eyes can read clearly.

VII. A Typical Case of Near sightedness: Combining electricity Qigong and Qigong which is given Off by the hands is complementary. Using both methods together, the curative effect can by improved and also strengthen. For example, the Light of seven students before Qigong treatment ranged between O.08 to 0.4. After practicing Qigong, five of them recovered their sight to more than 1.0; the other two students could read more than four lines clearly. The rate of crooked sight. decreased by three hundred degrees. By this method, the curative effect for inherited nearsightedness is good, for acquired nearsightedness, it is perfect.

VIII. Discussion:
1. Advance to practice Qigong in groups. This can have a good effect and stimulate 'Qi' quickly.
2. Enhance conduction and education. Heighten the students' confidence.
3. Students who have parental support will get good effects easily.
4. Be unremitting about practicing Qigong. It will strengthen the curative effect and also, be a precautionary measure against nearsightedness.
5. Life depends on sports. Encourage students to spend enough time on sports, do more outdoor activities and often look at green trees.
6. Consume various kinds of food and drink; don't be partial towards a particular kind of food.
7. The body's posture during-reading should be straight. The distance between eyes and book should be one chi. After 45 minutes of reading, one should rest.
8. Be unremitting about practicing Qigong against nearsightedness.
9. An observation on the curative effect after three months. Through the check, all patients who are unremitting about practicing Qigong obtained and maintaining the curative effect. For those who aren't unremitting, the effect is not very good, and these subjects can only read clearly about one line.