A trend to combine qigong and sports

Author: Guo Zhouli
Affiliation: ”Qigong and Sports” Magazine Agency [1]
Conference/Journal: 2nd Int Conf on Qigong
Date published: 1989
Other: Pages: 194 , Word Count: 284

The west medical science and the physical culture were formed by scientific 'Analytical time' and they cut the entirety things apart. The thesis take the dialectical materialist point of view on the base of the east viewpoint 'Systematicness' to analysis the shortcomings of guiding ideology of the west physical culture and the one-sidedness of physical training method.

The vital energy found by the Chinese ancestry is one of the very important and original scientific views, which combine east philosophy now may also be combined with modern science in the a revolution may be come into being . In the thesis , success in combination external gas of Qigong with modern biological engineering provide 'gas transporting' may bring a new revolution to the life-science.

Today science and technology come into 'systematicness' the orientation modern science with the traditional Chinese Medicine and the Chinese sports full of systematic dialectics. The thesis introduce that in order to prove the level of sports, the Chinese have made great efforts in combination Qigong and sports. Especially the affectation of external gas of Qigong. On the whole, combination Qigong and sports is the great trend in physical culture science.

When, as a Qigong man goes into 'Qigong state' (Static state) his informosome of the brain wave can be affected by another Qigong man, and it can not be seized by the apparatus right now. So, the thesis says the break-through of the external gas remote sensing informosome may change the face of the world in the future the control of Qigong idiosyncrasy informosome may ever stronger than nuclear control.

Also the combination Qigong with sports may improve social benefit and the sports moral concepts, in this ways sports function may ever larger.