Treatment of heart diseases by yoga

Author: Carl Carmell H
Affiliation: India
Conference/Journal: 2nd Int Conf on Qigong
Date published: 1989
Other: Pages: 184 , Word Count: 835

Yoga is not a set of sports or gesture but a special thinking and natural living way, it is a perfect union of body, brain and universal spirit, it is one of most important scientific ways to cultivate complete individuality, which include not only Hatnayosa but Yama Niyama and special training ways in which basic.belief is stressed on'that ' The application of un-appropriate.means leads to destroy'.

Living is full of ' oppression, pain, struggle and competition, tension and anxieties as Homa and Rorber said n our decision done and to be done are all full of tension, we are under the tension every time'. Each decision done and canceled i8 liable to blood pressure. Yoga has told us how others and oneself can not be harmed', it limits and regulates our reaction to tension to make us be affected little. Tension and anxieties are brought about by oneself. Yoga mentality guarantees peoples' happy life through the defense of mistakes'

. Thousands of people in the world were disturbed by anxieties of hear diseases. Angiocardiopathy has been the first Murderer in U.S±±A and west Europe, the disease also exists in the developing countries, at least, some- of them may be cured by Toga, the diseases which can be fully cured are arteriosclerosis, failure heart disease (deterioration of blood function ), hypertension heart disease (caused by continuous hypertension )±± stenocardia is the omen of heart disease patients of which feels the oppression- in the chest, when disease developing stop the pain will disappear. Stenocardia means that some part can not normally work, it is known that the Main reason of disease is the physiological factor. the disease or being uncomfortable caused by undue tension is thought as physiological disease. Generally, undue tension may be brought about by being afraid, anxieties, tension, anger, prejudice, failure, contradictions in family and other emotion's tension. In all, emotion factor plays an important.rule in life, most heart disease are related to spirit tension in spirit control and body regulation of Yoga. Other reasons are mainly higher cholesterol in blood and diabetes.

Yoga therapy for heart disease is the same aw for hypertension, which has three steps
1. observation of some Yoga rules
2. Fogs food and drink
3. Selected Yoga training.
One should relax and be free from the influences of anxieties nervousness, tension and unpeace.

It is difficult for one to relax every where and no matter wbat happens but if only can one posses the correct cognition of
society, oneself and nature and cultivate the ability to overcome tensions it may be realized easily . Smoking harms health, coffee and drinks of alcohol should be forbidden to drink, fools of higher cream and fat, hot and peppery.flavouring, pickled food and red chilli needn't be put into foods. Avoid over eating at any time and undue reaction which may cause higher blood pressure and diabetes, and harmful effects to heart, as pervod said ' eat breaktirst well; lunch fully and super less', keep the balance of drinks and foods including .sola, green vegetables, fresh fruit and daily dishes.

People of heart disease should train Toga step-by step. At the first: sit-ups, the correct understanding of sit-upg ig absolutely necessary, which makes exercisers feel relaxing, ED the relaxation brain gives commands to special organs like heat or liver, and then commands are to carried out. Many famous doctors in heart disease have successfully used this method.

At second: drainage of energy stream (standing up with one leg and peacock gesture). People of wound back can not use the gesture with two legs standing up, but with one leg, which can cure pancreatic chaos, cold and indigestion, exercise abdomen, decrease the undue far in abdomen, enhance special column, exert activities to nervous system.

At the third step: breathing training {balance-sitR fish gesture or bearing fatigue gesture.). The adjustment of breathing is a special training, there are many different ways but they have the following three common points: breathing in, breathing out, and maintenance. Ten times per day. Breathing trsiniDgVis liable to every gland in endocrine system, checks and improves chaos in blood circulation and breathing system.

In order to decrease fatigue, relax muscles, accelerate blood flow, the balance sit should be applied with one leg standing four times every day, if difficult for standing, one may stand against wall or column.

In order to enhance the special column-organization, chest muscle lung ability throat sounds and sensitivity fish gesture as used. Patient bearing training in the third step after dinner. Fatigue diabetes. Standing upside down and sitting straightly nay increase the blood supply to brain, but standing upside down is unsuitable for old people or hypertension patients.

Yoga could cure the extreme tension caused by anxieties and dramatics in modern life, therefore we are need to nourish ancient remains which are complete Yoga not only Hatnayosa but Yana, Niyama,gesture, breathing, special training, Daso, Zhenta and samadi; and consist of a coordination system. Although Yoga can not create continuous life but can cure heart disease.