Reports of treatments of shoulder inflammation by qigong tapping of insertion points and artificial bleeding methods

Author: Wang Feng
Affiliation: Human Body Science Research Centre, Xian Jiaotong University, Xian, China [1]
Conference/Journal: 2nd Int Conf on Qigong
Date published: 1989
Other: Pages: 153 , Word Count: 1188

The inflammation of shoulders called by western medical science is in the range of arthralgia syndrome in Chinese medical science. They frequently occur and are usually to be seen, the disease reasons are mainly produced due to the entrance of wind, cold, humidity, heat and other external evils to deteriorate the movement of blood and gas in jingluos (channels and collateral) and to make joints, muscles, tendons and bones flaccidity numbness, sour and damping etc. Now many Chinese and western therapy methods have been used, however the curing effects are not satisfactory, many patients have experienced extremely pain from acute to chronic disease because of the bad therapy. The diseases are often seen in the old people, which influences their work, study and daily life. The author uses energy stream, tapping, insertion points and bleeding methods to gain the following results: once recovery rate 50%, 2 - 6 times bettor; rate 50%. The therapy proposed has short procedures and high recovery rate, it may reduce the pain of patients and get successful results.


The inflammation of shoulders is the pain arthralgia in arthralgia syndrome. The disease reasons are the dampness of jingluos caused by wind, cold, humidity and evil, mainly much cold and evil, the cold is yin evil of dampness, so fixed pain point with strong ache may be found, if heat is introduced to keep gas and blood to flow to decline the pain, ache becomes much stronger when cold to damp. The treatment of the external, spreading evil is urgent in the description of 'AN ESSENTIAL MEDICAL MANUAL', the treatment of pain arthralgia should stretch cold out, lead heat and humidity out. It has been reported in Qigong that some people cure the inflammation of shoulders by external energy stream, insertion points to get good results, but that needs many times, spend much time and many hand gestures. I use methods above to lead cold gas to go out through jingluos, spend a little tine and obtain successful results.

General Information

Treatment of 46 samples: male 9, female 37; max. age 67, min. 32.
two shoulders 11, one shoulder 35, and total 57.
disease time: 13 people more than half a year, 33 people less than half a year, max. 6 years.


Patients stand up or just seat with eyes closed and whole body relaxed.
(1) External energy stream
The external energy steam from the laogong point of operator to the baihui point of a patient, when the patient has the feeling of gas flowing and wait for body warmer, the points say be led through for jinzhi (with middle finger and index finger together straight) to input energy to the points.
(2) Tapping therapy
Tapping with four fingers clapping, tapping with five fingers clapping and curved, tapping with center points of hand.
Methods: tapping from the upper to the down along small, intestine channel of hand taiyang, large intestine channel of hand Tangoing and triple warmer channel of hand shaoyang fulfilled with gas makes the shoulders relax to lead cold gas out from shoulders, elbows hands with the feeling of humidity sours distention and numbness, in order to stimulate the gas and bloods to set spirit and stop pain.
(3) Insertion points
The points are pressed by middle finger or index finger to input the energy to points and channels along the direction of jingluos.
The following are the points commonly used: fengchi, jinzhongshui, jinwanshui, quheng, chengfeng, tianzong, tianjing, xiaohai zhizheng, yanglao, wangu, houxi, shaoze, hegu, weiliu, shousaili, quchi, jugu, etc. the points used should be exchanged.
(4) Bleeding
Points: shangyang, shaoshang, guanchong.
Depth: acupuncture 1 fen and often fast insertion with bleeding to open orifices.
Treatment Effect
Recovery: all syndromes diminish, activities are normal with body test positive features.
Better: syndromes basically diminish, activities are improved with body test without obvious positive features.

Typical Samples

1. Yang, female, 32 years old, nurse, Hospital of Xi'an Jiaotong University.
Disease situation: 6 years ago, the inflammation of shoulders occurred after childbirth due to wind and cold, without improvement after treatment many times, the disease continued for many years and deteriorated. Fixed pain points, the decrease met with heat, the increase with cold and in sleeping, the dampness of movement and frequent insomnia existed.
Inspection: obvious pressed pain, tense muscle with arm lifted forward 60 angle and backward 0 angle.
Differentiation: after childbirth she was with gas and blood vacant, right gas lack, wind, cold and humidity evil entered and shoulder joint disable.
Treatment: according to Chinese medical science cure the branch firsts so disperse evil to increase the right with the resolution first and the invigoration later.
Hand gesture: took small intestine channel of hand taiyang with external energy, tapping, insertion points and artificial bleeding leading jingluo through to disperse cold gases and to input energy into baihui, shangdaitian and mingmei to restore gas and blood.
Effect: once later, basically no pain, left shoulder can move to 90 angle forward and 30 angle backward with right shoulder no syndromes. Twice later, shoulders move normally and after half a year they are still OK.

2. Zhao, female, 37 years old, nurse. Hospital of Xi'an Jiaotong University.
Disease situation: half a year ago, got a shower and cold insertion, after physiotherapy without recovery, the pain at the neck and shoulder with fixed pain points and heaviness and the moving dampness of neck and right arm decreased with heat and increased with cold and in night.
Inspection: she was with pressed pain and no red point, refused to press pain area, arm lifted forward 60 angle backward 0 angle.
Differentiation: after shower mailuos were damped by yin evil (humidity, cold insertion to body) so some pain points existed.
Treatment: heat jing to disperse cold and decrease humidity to let jingluos through.
Hand gesture: the external energy steam, tapping, insertion points and bleeding therapies were used to make triple warmer channel of hand shaoyang and small intestine channel of hand taiyang through to disperse cold and humidity.
Effect: once later and after one day symptom diminished without deterioration.


The inflammation of shoulders are mainly caused by dampness of jingluos through wind, cold, humidity and heat and their reactions with each other. The chief disease mechanism is that gas and blood cannot flow smoothly, the therapy may disperse these evils, bring fever down against wind, moreover, ascertaining the causes of a disease and giving treatment makes the path for vital energy by the proper use of jingluo point exchange the successful results may be obtained.

The treatment effect is related to the age, time and the physical situation of patients, and the treatment is more successful when the condition is detected early and for younger patients. The recovery of arthralgia syndrome is good, but the disease situation may delay and recur due to external evil so that after recovery keep fit and do exercises to stop living in humidity area, notice cold and warm to prevent deterioration.

In the exploration of therapy I have met with many problems by summing the experience to increase the recovery rate and shorten the treatment times to reduce the patients pain do my best to qigong.

Many thanks to Prof. Wang Qiping, vice chief Physician Liu Zhengying and Chinese Medical Physician in Charge Lu Lizhi for their support of this paper.