A Case Study on Overcoming of Diabetes

Author: Kusaka Y
Affiliation: Ibaraki University
Conference/Journal: J Mind-Body Science
Date published: 2000
Other: Volume ID: 9 , Issue ID: 2 , Pages: 29-40 , Special Notes: Text in Japanese; abstract in English , Word Count: 142

This study investigated the actual conditions of Mr. K's fight with his diabetes from the analysis of his life history, to the diagnosis results, his notes and memorandums and the interviews. As a result, the following facts were pointed out:

1) Mr. K's struggle involved a synthesis of all aspects of his life. It was a holistic experience.

2) There existed the circular interrelationships among his 'knowledge' of diabetes, nutrition, sport and exercises (which included spas and sauna baths), his 'practical abilities (skills)' and his 'inner motivations'. Namely, Mr. K's strong 'inner motivations', which yielded from considerations of his family members' lives, were responsible for his lowered 'blood-sugar levels'. This bodily result caused changes in his 'images of social realities', and in turn, recreated his 'new fighting volition'.

3) In his struggle against diabetes, both 'Western medical science' and 'Eastern
empirical knowledge' totally coexisted.