Curative effect and experience of therapy in treating 55 kinds of the knotty (difficult) illnesses by qigong

Author: Yan Zhangrong
Affiliation: Hospital of Hubei Steel Wire Factory, Hubei, China [1]
Conference/Journal: 2nd Int Conf on Qigong
Date published: 1989
Other: Pages: 152 , Word Count: 250

The author has accumulated a large amount of information about treatment by Qigong and after thinking it over, worked out a kind of therapy which has been confirmed to succeed in practice. The author elucidated the theory of therapy, which incudes principle, mechanism and clinical experience in treating knotty-illness by Qigong in three respects in the paper. This is not so much experience as methods by which those knotty-illnesses can be treated effectively by Qigong.

l. The paper describes the subject for treatment by Qigong of patients who suffered from a certain illness called knotty-illness and can't be cured of his illness by common clinical ways. The reason why the knotty-illness take places are as follows: The changes of the sorts of illnesses and the change of climate from ancient times to present, the destruction of the ecosystem, the difference between modern life ways and ancient life ones, and
the potential poisonous effect of chemical medicine, etc.

Therefore, Qigong is becoming more and more important in other struggles with many knotty-illnesses.

2. The paper reports 35 kinds of knotty-illnesses amounting to more than 40 cases of illnesses, which have been analyzed statistically.

3. The paper stresses the close relation between how to do his Qigong exercise for the Qigong master, and the clone relation between the master's affairment and the curative effect. The paper demonstrates the principle on which one can change Qing into Qi, change Qi into Sen, change Sen into Xu, change Xu into Dao and the Qigong theory in Chinese medicine.