Effect of non-Hertzian scalar waves on the immune system

Author: Rein G
Conference/Journal: J United States Psychotronics Assoc
Date published: 1989
Other: Volume ID: Spring , Pages: 15-17 , Word Count: 117

The recent availability of a scalar generator in the form of a Tesla watch has facilitated scientific research into the biological effects of this new type of non-Hertzian electromagnetic (EM) energy. The scientific rationale for conducting this type of research is discussed with respect to the non-linear nature of biological systems. Preliminary research findings are presented which indicate that scalar fields enhance the immune system, as measured by in¬ creased DNA synthesis in lymphocytes. Since this effect supersedes that observed by the EM field produced by the watch in the absence of the mobius strip/ it can be con¬ cluded that scalar energy is more biologically active than traditional linear EM fields, at least in this system.