A primary study of the influence of qigong waiqi on electrogastric activity in man

Author: Qin Chao 1//Feng Yangzheng 2//Yu Youmin 2//Wang Ruongguang 2//Shu Kengmin 3
Affiliation: Dept of Physiology, Xi’an Medical University, Xian, China [1] //Institute for Industrial Health of National Mechanical Industry Committee, Xian, China [2] //Institute for Psychical Health at Yunnan Province, China [3]
Conference/Journal: 2nd Int Conf on Qigong
Date published: 1989
Other: Pages: 92 , Word Count: 409

We had observed that the curative effect for gastric diseases by self-training qigong was remarkable, and the patients' electrogastric activity (EGA) had a character of bidirectional changes. In this paper, the influence of waiqi out of the qigong masters on EGA have been studied further.

The subjects were divided into three groups: chronic atrophy gastritis (n=16), digestive ulcer (n=10), ungastric diseases (n=8). The surface EGA of subject at 8.00 to 10.00 a.m. was recorded using RM-6000 type physiological recorder (made in Japan). Before the experiment the subjects on an empty stomach was asked in bed and quiet for 15 min. The qigong masters (above 10 years for qigong) work for waiqi toward the upper abdomen part of the subjects (10-15 min.). And then the un-qigong masters (n=12) imitate the work of waiqi as a control. During the experiment EGA was successively record. The subjects see EGA recording results was avoid so as to get rid of the influence of biofeedback.

Results: EGA of 23 cases (78.2%) changes after the effect of waiqi. In the pre- and post-waiqi the amplitude of EGA of chronic atrophy gastritis group was 39.36±14.56 micro v and 91.66±29.33 micro v respectively (p<0.05), and the frequency of EGA was 2.32±0.52 t/min and 2.44±0.48 t/min (p>0.05). In the pre- and post-waiqi the amplitude of EGA of digestive ulcer group was 407.46±31.33 micro v and 326.06±51.91 micro v respectively (p<0.01), and the frequency was 3.93±0.26 t/min and 3.24±0.31 t/min (p<0.05). This suggested that there is a tendency of bidirectional changes of EGA. And further, the subjects were divided into two groups according to the high amplitude (>250 micro v) and frequency (>3.5 t/min), low amplitude (<80 micro v) and frequency (<2.5 t/min), and then analyzed. It was found that the parameters of high amplitude and frequency group decreased remarkable (p<0.05). The amplitude of low amplitude and frequency group increased remarkably (p<0.01), while the change of frequency was not statistically significant. The changes of EGA caused by waiqi become remarkable in 3-5 min. When imitating waiqi some changes occurred in the parameters of EGA of subjects, and this hadn't statistical significance. The results of un-gastric disease group hadn't also regular.

This work showed: there is the bidirectional influence of qigong waiqi on EGA in subjects. The effect could be strengthened if the subjects studied qigong. The mechanism of the phenomenon could involve the biological effect of qigong waiqi and the intention control effect of qigong imagery on EGA in man.