Why your brain, eyes, and energy are improved by qigong exercise

Author: Li Chenglin
Affiliation: Shandong Teachers’ University, Jinan, China [1]
Conference/Journal: 2nd Int Conf on Qigong
Date published: 1989
Other: Pages: 91 , Word Count: 271

It is proved to be that most people, who have exercised qigong, can better their brains, their eyes and full of energy. How this effect of self-consciousness comes into being? Is it scientific or not? In order to discover the mystery, and to discover the mechanism of the healthy effect by qigong, we test those university students who exercise yiquanzhanzhuanggong (a kind of Chinese boxing). We use the scientific way of the motional biology and chemistry, and use modern instruments just to record the content of uric acid of the sample students at three different time before, when, and after exercise. And we have recorded the process of change on biological and chemical metabolism in their bodies. Then we get the result, handled with statistics. We also analyze and discuss completely the function the process and mechanism. At last we proved our conclusion that the effect of self-consciousness, which the practitioner feels clearer-minded, better-eyed and full of energy, completely coincides with the test. It is of science. Now we first
demonstrate it in science why yiquanzhanzhuanggong can make one so healthy and long-lived. Moreover, according to the conclusion we get, we think it, the effect of self-consciousness in mind, eye and energy on the practitioner, is not only means phenomena. Of most importance if one sticks to the exercise of qigong steadily for long, he will not only better his physical conditions but can relax himself, develop his wit and increase the efficiency of his work and study. Besides, the exercise of qigong will do much benefit for the growth of young people by the way of exerting a subtle influence.