Qigong: a profound vehicle for integration of health care practices

Author: Zunin I
Conference/Journal: 4th World Congress on Qigong & 4th American Qigong Assoc Conf
Date published: 2001
Other: Special Notes: Sponsored by the East West Academy of Healing Arts, 530 Bush Street, Suite 202, SF, CA 94108 , Word Count: 88

Participants will gain an appreciation for the unique position of Qigong as an agent for change in conventional health care and learn more about the
potential for practitioners to impact:
• Conventional clinical practice
• Insurance products
• Managed care organizations
• Hospital processes
Among the most unique attributes of Qigong is its dual use by health care practitioners to treat patients in the clinic and by individuals for restoring and maintaining health through balance. Qigong’s role as a potent agent for change in the culture of medicine continues to expand.