Mind-body medicine and qigong

Author: Gordon J
Affiliation: Director of the Center for Mind-Body Medicine in Washington DC
Conference/Journal: 4th World Congress on Qigong & 4th American Qigong Assoc Conf
Date published: 2001
Other: Special Notes: Sponsored by the East West Academy of Healing Arts, 530 Bush Street, Suite 202, SF, CA 94108 , Word Count: 96

This workshop will discuss the fundamentals of the mind-body-spirit approach to health and health care. The emphasis will be on the creation of “mind-body skills groups” small groups that promote self-awareness and self-expression in words, drawings and movement and teach such techniques as meditation, biofeedback and guided imagery. The workshop will discuss the use of groups for people with chronic illness, stress related disorder and post traumatic stress disorder and the integration of Qigong exercises into these programs. The workshop will be experiential as well as didactic and there will be time for questions and sharing.