Hand movements above the unshielded tail of a shielded rat induces differences in voltage inside the animal

Author: Nordenstrom Bjorn EW
Affiliation: Dept Diagnositc Radiology and Experimental Surgery, Karolinska Hospital, PO Box 60600, S-104 01 Stockholm, Sweden
Conference/Journal: Am J. Acupuncture
Date published: 1992
Other: Volume ID: 20 , Issue ID: 2 , Pages: 157-163 , Word Count: 136

This study further explores the view that the body's energy, referred to by the ancient Chinese as Qi, is equivalent to the electrical energy of the body. The author contends that the meridians in acupuncture appear to be represented by the subcutaneous preferential pathways for ionic current flow which occurs upon the activation of vascular-interstitial closed circuits. This study shows that movements of the human hand above the unshielded tail of a rat will induce polariztion of ions in the blood vessels of the tail that are detectable as voltage changes inside the electrically shielded body of the animal. The direction of movement of the external EMF, relative to the positon of the vessels, determines how the voltage gradients in the body are altered, and is accompanied by current flow in 'biologically closed electric circuts.'