Effect of Chinese qigong on conformation of biomolecules

Author: Chu DY//He WG//Zhou YF//Yan WZ//Xen BC
Affiliation: College of chemistry and molecular engineering, Beijing University, Beijing, China
Conference/Journal: Chinese Chinese J Somatic Science
Date published: 1998
Other: Volume ID: 11 , Word Count: 165

The effect of external qi discharged by Chinese qigong person on the conformation of biomolecules involved with polyglutamic acid, polylysinc and metallothionein and cysteine have been studied by monitoring the change of circular dichroism (CD) spectra using a Jasco-500C automatic recording spectropolarimeter. Our purpose is to explore the effect of external qi on live boy on the bais of molecular construction with its function. The experiments from 14 Chinese qigong persons de4monstrated that CD spectra of samples have been obviously changed by external qi in comparison with controls. The changes of CD characteristic elleptisity are over the range of 1-10 x 103 degr.cm2.dmol-1 generally, the maximum is 93.9 x 104 degr.cm2.dmol-1. The changes of elliptisity could be positive or negative that depends on how the qigong person did. Results indicate that Chinese qigong extrnal qi could change conformation of biomolecules making it more order or converting it into more disorder. In addition, the conformation changed has tendency to be restore withina certain period.