External energy stream in qigong -- matter’s speed above light speed

Author: Huang Honglin//Fan Yonggang
Affiliation: Acupuncture Institute with Two Hands, Science Research Association, China [1]
Conference/Journal: 2nd Int Conf on Qigong
Date published: 1989
Other: Pages: 48 , Word Count: 420

Light velocity limit was denied in 1971 by the discovery of quasi-sellar object. Einstein ever thought that in the universal a kind of matter which had a velocity existed called 'fast particle.' Before his death The Great Union theory in physics was finished in fact back to the relation of strong, weak, electricity and force, and the trace of fast particle was discovered. But for the existence of humankind he did not published the conclusion. Now we think it is the time to publish the theory of matter in the world: whose speed is above light speeds.

Type GDB-23 multiplier phototube was used as a head of detector to connect ACG d.c. current detector to measure external energy stream given by Huang Zhonglin 1981 in Shanghai Fudan University. The Maximum Value of information was 140 div (8.5 x 10^-9 A.) Wave length 420 mum belonging to the range of blue and green light. We inference the velocity of external energy stream in external energy stream formula.

We propose hypotheses of 'quadrilateral celestial body's construction' and '6-Dimensional space' based on modern physics, classical physics and the latest observation we think that collaboration between matters produce 'Electric Charge' at the extreme point.

We use the theory of relativity in the inference and obtain the following conclusions in three dimensional space the virtual min. velocity is equal to light velocity. Electron and nuclei are reference systems by each other, thus if electrons move at light speed nuclei stops. According to Lorentz transformation we get 'matter which has a speed above light speed - quack constitute the time - space.

We find the universal constant 1/6.1983469 x 10^24 Hz meanwhile the concept of universal seconds is established.

External energy stream formula's
V= (YCS)^1/2
V: speed of external energy stream
Y: universal constant
C: light speed
S: wave length of red light

The inference process is following:
The relationship between frequency and wave length detected by multiplier phototube
f sub s = c/s
symmetric point of product of y and f sub s
f sub r = Y. f sub s
permitted wave length below light speed
|S| = C/Y
stream speed
v = R / |s| x C
we get v = Y x R
wave length symmetric point
R = C / f sub s
we can get
V = (YCS)^1/2

With Huang Zhonglin' 8 results we obtain
V^2 = 6.1983469 x 10^24 x 3 x 10^2 x 0.42 x 10^-6
= 93154.1 C

Husng's external energy stream decreased field speed by 91 percent with 93154 C, which can be controlled by Suang's idea. This is the force and the speed to spoil cancer's cells.