To Our Health: Using the Inner Art of Dowsing/Divining

Author: Hagemann A//Mieden G
Conference/Journal: First World Symp on Self-Healing & Power of Consciousness
Date published: 2001
Other: Pages: 59 , Word Count: 476

Purpose: The purpose of this ongoing study is to develop an understanding of the causes of human illness (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, soul) and apply methods and practices of dowsing/divining that empower a person in regards to their self-healing and self-awareness.

Methods: After extensive study in a variety of fields, the authors found that the technique of dowsing/divining was the most direct avenue to addressing core issues and imbalances within people. The techniques used were a further development and enhancement of an ancient method known as dowsing/divining. This technique is applied to the search for the origins of peoples' illnesses and imbalances, which can be found on many levels. This technique has been incorporated into several books and developed into extensive international workshops and seminars to train people in this method of self-healing and self-empowerment. Dowsing/divining allows a practitioner to find on what level of consciousness one's issues or problems lie. The technique is used to locate and understand causes of a vast variety of these issues and potential blockages within a person's being. It is through dowsing/divining guidance that a person becomes consciously aware of the origins of their problems and consequently, they consciously let go of these problems from their system and are healed and/or empowered. The letting go may involve visualization, spoken words, writing, artwork, singing, prayer, etc. Each resolution is dependent on what each individual needs to do in order to balance, They must let go of the negative energy they have stored in their beings and replace or embrace the area with positive energy or vibration. This is a non-intrusive method. The client must be willing to acknowledge and work with their individual situations.

Results: Over the 7 years during which the dowsing/divining technique has been employed, many people have greatly benefited. Marked changes have been noted in regards to attitude and overall health in the majority of those who have undertaken consultation. Tumors have been reduced and dissipated. Cases of rheumatoid arthritis have been balanced. Prostrate problems have cleared up after using the dowsing/divining method. Relationship, family, sexual, social, financial, and educational issues have been addressed and resolved. Many of the above had been issues that were actually manifesting as energy blockages in the clients' physical systems. Often immediate relief can be seen and felt. At other times the body slowly heals and corrects damage that has been done over an extensive period of time.

Conclusion: It is felt by the authors that the dowsing/divining technique or approach is a highly valid and useful tool of self-healing and empowerment. It is one which can be learned and adapted to each individual's needs or requirements. As noted in the results section, many people have found this to be a beneficial method in the process of self-healing and self-awareness (which is a vital key).