Qigong and the Treatment and Prevention of COVID-19

Author: McGee, RW
Affiliation: Fayetteville State University, Broadwell College of Business and Economics
Conference/Journal: Studies in the Economics of Qigong
Date published: 2020 Sep 4
Other: Issue ID: 6 , Word Count: 191

COVID-19, also referred to as the Corona virus and several other names, is a respiratory disease. Because it is relatively new, not many studies have as yet been done on it, although many papers have been written about it, and many studies are in various stages of completion. The vast majority of studies that have been done or are presently in process focus on western approaches to its prevention and cure. The current paper takes a different approach. Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) focuses on prevention, although its techniques, especially qigong and tai chi, can also be used to treat or even cure a wide variety of respiratory and other diseases. This paper reviews and summarizes some of the TCM studies that have been conducted on COVID-19 and other respiratory diseases. It also provides a bibliography of related studies for further reading. The present paper is part of a series on the economics of qigong. Other studies in this series are listed at the end of this bibliography.


Key Words: COVID-19, qigong, chi gong, chi kung, health qigong, medical qigong, traditional Chinese medicine, TCM, tai chi, taiji chuan, 氣功, 气功, 気功,기공