Cancer, Blood Cancer, TB and Liver Cirrhosis (with Ascites & Varices) Cure With German Homoeo Compounds

Author: Anwer RUR
Conference/Journal: First World Symp on Self-Healing & Power of Consciousness
Date published: 2001
Other: Pages: 31 , Word Count: 398

What I am writing here is incredible but it is 100% true. Although I do not have a long line of proving but the simplicity and harmlessness of remedies has made it absolutely easy to see the instant curative results of these remedies without any fear. These are only 30 medicine which are going to make the cancer a benign manifestation. A lady can prepare a breast cancer remedy just like preparing a bottle of milk for a suckling. These are only 30 remedies prepared by iso-arzneimittel ettlingin Germany. Each remedy has a distinct sphere of action which can be broadened by further research with high tech lab facilities. With the limited facilities what I have discovered is that all types of blood cancers can be cured permanently, the 3 main particles of blood can be controlled at will. Liver cirrhosis, ascites, varices, brain tumors/abscesses of many types can be cured painlessly. Each remedy has the cabability to act in either side owing to it's concentration in watery solution. What I have discovered is may be it is the 10% of their curative powers. I know angio #2 is for bleeding, burnig, passive congestion, affects the platelets, lukocytes and HB, capable of regulating blood pressure like the thermostatic control of an air-conditioner. Angio # 3 is for inflamation, thalassemia, polycythemia or for poverty of blood. Canceroso #1 is for brain, breast, uterine, ovarian or male and female genetalia together with venerio #1 canceroso # 5.canceroso # 4 can increase or decrease platelets in a thrombocytopenic subject.this only a part of my research. Other than their tremendous curing powers these are optimum preservers and preventives. An individual, family society or a nation, if adopt this system of medicine for their minor diseases cancer, blood cancer, TB, liver disease can never enter that society. During the treatment of a blood cancer patient there hardly the need of HB/platelet transfusion arises. Nearly all the painful brain tumors/absceese regress to void in a few months or weeks. You can test me on some brain tumor Patients where surgery is not possible. Brain tumor, and cancer pains are stopped within 5 minutes. My breast cancer patients do not need to ask for leave they continue working in their offices/schools and tumors vanish painlessly. I am looking forward to some hospital/organization to se my diagnosis, prescription and curative results of these remedies. What I have seen is the top of an iceberg.