Spirituality in Occupational Therapy Practice: Where is Our Spirituality Now?

Author: Loree Pham1, Regina Sarnicola2, Christina Villasenor2, Tiffanie Vu2
Affiliation: <sup>1</sup> University of Southern California, Los Angeles, USA. <sup>2</sup> California State University, Dominguez Hills, Carson, USA.
Conference/Journal: OTJR (Thorofare N J)
Date published: 2022 Jan 25
Other: Special Notes: doi: 10.1177/15394492211068216. , Word Count: 146

Although occupational therapy (OT) practitioners are well suited to address spirituality within client care, evidence suggests many practitioners feel discomfort or lack of knowledge of this subject. Few studies have delved into OTs' experiences and encapsulated if and how spirituality has been experienced in practice. This study aimed to gain a deeper and more updated insight into this phenomenon. Utilizing a phenomenological approach with interviews, this study explored OT practitioners' (n = 15) experiences with spirituality in client care. (a) Losing spirit: the inadequacy of only addressing mind and body, (b) spirituality as a vehicle for reaffirming purpose in both client and therapist, and (c) addressing spirituality through functional and measurable treatments. Although the concept of mind, body, and spirit is not new, occupational therapists often do not consistently address these components simultaneously, leading to missed opportunities in client practice.

Keywords: occupational therapy; qualitative research; spirituality.

PMID: 35075921 DOI: 10.1177/15394492211068216