Relationship between Taiji Diagram Theory and Qi to provide a comparison with studies conducted at Lianhua Mountain and lrino Valley

Author: Sasaki S//Miao T
Affiliation: Tokai University, Japan, University of Electro-Communications
Conference/Journal: Japanese Mind-Body Science
Date published: 1996
Other: Pages: 47-48 , Word Count: 352

In comparison with Lianhua Mountain, we present a study of Qi in Irino Valley according to both traditional Taiji Diagram Theory and the modern scientific method. A growing body of studies has demonstrated that the Qi in Lianhua Mountain, which is rich and in high quality, is attributable to the particular geographical features of Lianhua Mountain. That is, the fault zone underlying Lianhua Mountain exerts the Qi with special effects. In analogous to Lianhua Mountain on the China continent, the similar geographical character with a faulty underlying Irino Valley is also expected to play an important role responsible for a special existence of Qi. An attempt to explain functions of the fault is as followings based on Taiji Diagram Theory.

(1) As known in traditional Taiji Diagram Theory, there are the opposing cosmic forces, i. e., Yang and Yin. The unity of opposites of Yang and Yin gives rise to the Taiji Diagram with the famous circle surrounding two semi-circles, linked in an S-shape. According to this cosmology, the two kinds of earth divided by a fault zone are recognizable as a Yang-Yin dualism which constructs a Taiji Diagram called Space Taiji Diagram by means of the interactions between the two earth. The fault zone is as S-shape in the Space Taiji Diagram.

(2) Taiji Diagram Theory emphasizes the core of the S-shape, where Qi is consisted of all possible Yang-Yin complexes which are equally and symmetrically distributed. Additionally, within the S-shape, a great amount of energy is produced due to the neutralization of Yang and Yin. Therefore, the fault or an S-shape in Space Taiji Diagram is filled with the Qi having energetic living resources according to Taiji Diagram Theory. The predictions on Qi in fault by the formalization of Space Taiji Diagram are verified by the experiments carried out in Lianhua Mountain, and partly verified in Irino Valley by exceptional perception of Qigong masters. Furthermore, we detect the Qi by a method of measuring changes in electric conductivity of water and conclude that the Qi in Irino Valley contains balanced energetic elementary ingredients, which is in compliance with the Taiji Diagram Theory.