Hand Gesture Qigong Form - New Result of Message Transmission from the Universe

Author: Tian Yuan
Affiliation: Human Science Research Centers, Qigong Caunty, Helong Province, China
Conference/Journal: 4th World Conf Acad Exch Med Qigong
Date published: 1998
Other: Pages: 235 , Word Count: 256

Hand Gesture Qigong Form is a Modern Treating Technique:

I have struggled against diseases for about 6 years and the Hand Gesture Qigong Form has rescued my life.

The Hand Gesture Qigong Form:

Is the most modern scientific and reliable health-care physician. The form is not difficult to perform. You can do it at any time and place. It is good to corn or pilpitis. When you know how to do the exercise, you can treat your own problems. In this way you can save the medical cost.

Surgery is Not Necessary:

When you master the Qigong Hand Gesture Form, surgery is not necessary to you, because surgery often brings you sufferings, heavy economic burden and long recovery or sequel.
It may Cure Difficult Cases:

Without surgery, medicaments it can cure rheumatoid, prolapse of gastric mucosa, gastroptosis, kidney stone in half month.

I Have Treated 150 Cases with the Qigong Hand Gesture Form:

Mechanism of the Qigong Hand Gesture Form:

The form is developed by Master Shi Fengzhi, Chairman of the Chinese Human Life Numeral Qigong Institute. The form reveals that there exists secret code in the human body and universe. When the best media between the body and universe is found, the distance between man and universe is shortened. Then the hand gesture
as a secret code may connect the body with the universe. Meanwhile, the two hands as the electric field and magnetic field, and the starting and ending point of the three yin and three yang meridians have the function to regulate human life messages.