From ancient to modern man, secrets of the body electric

Author: Yennie Richard
Affiliation: 4140 Broadway Kansas City, Missouri 64111, USA
Conference/Journal: 4th World Conf Acad Exch Med Qigong
Date published: 1998
Other: Pages: 223-224 , Word Count: 605

Before acupuncture by stone needles,

Before moxibustion by glowing ember from a family fire,

Before written history, 5,000 years into the past, the first healing-art known to man was Qigong translated from Chinese, Exercising Life Force.

Sometimes called Moving Meditation, the art was and still is a series of slow, flowing movements that seek to generate and regulate bioelectrical currents.

Movements that originated from primordial healing dances that focused on raising the practitioner's own life force (Qi) to heal himself (Nei Qi) and then to heal others by directing Qi into specific electro-energy centers on the patientís body (Wai Qi).

Of a basic 361 electro-energy centers on the human anatomy known as
Jing Hsueh (Meridian Points), a few have special effects in Qigong

Notably Bai Hui (top of the head), Tien--Mu ('behind the midpoint of the glabella), Shan Zhong (CV-17 area), Lao Gong (center of the palms), Qi Hai (1 Wî below the navel), and Yong Quan (Ki-1 in the sole), are utilized to transmit Qi, and there are other skin points. The three basic principles of Qigong practice are founded on:

Certain Postures
b. Qigong breathing
Mind energy focusing (Yi), whereby once the energy is raised and focused in the lower Dan Tien, CV-51 this same energy is willfully moved by mind control into areas of disease (in the practitioner's own body or into the body of a patient (Wai Qi)

Interesting premise, isn't it? Well, does it work? Yes, in Stone Age times and in the 21st century times of modern man.

The question science must be concerned with it, does it work? Having established that fact, now scientists attempt to discover why it works, if they can.

Literally hundreds of health problems and diseases are successfully
treated by Qigong practitioners. Disbelievers contend it must be
psychosomatic, suggestive therapy, hypnosis, placebo, a self limiting condition or wild imagination.

Practitioners world-wide proclaim results come from enhancing the bipolar electro magnetic energetical power flow of the healer.

Western doctors seeing results before their very eyes proclaim 'a
miracle'. The Chinese say 'not a miracle, only unknown laws at work'. Physiological laws unknown to Western man. And, any disbelief by anyone, does not change the facts.

In my 43 years of chiropractic and acupuncture practice in Kansas City, Missouri, USA, I have used Qigong as a valuable aid in the correction of deranged spinal column segments known as vertebral subluxations.

Vertebrae out of alignment impinge upon the nerves as they emit from the spine. This condition in itself is a major cause of pain and organ malfunction. 60,000 chiropractors worldwide know this to be a clinical fact.

Through Meridian Qigong treatment, the 12 main channels and 8
Extraordinary Vessels are balanced whereby spinal muscles are relaxed and the 'stay-put' value of the spinal adjustment is restored.

Many times the maligned vertebra is a reflex sublimation and will
never stay in place until the underlying cause, meridian imbalance is corrected.

There is obviously more to healing than liquid in a spoon.

The 21st century is the century of Einstein and the Yellow Emperor; not Newton any more. There's a Life Force (Qi) in the body. Eight out of ten patients in the world are sick because of energetical imbalances, and that is the first, not last place, to look in helping and healing the ill.

As acupuncture, herbology, tui na and tai chi continue to spread throughout the nations of the world, ancient and modern Qigong healing arts will also be recognized and utilized as a vital component in regaining and maintaining health, vitality and longevity.

China again takes the lead in the 1998 September World Medical Qigong Conference being held in Beijing.