The fourth disease cause message interference

Author: Xu Fuhai//Yin Ai
Affiliation: China Yi-Tong Health Association
Conference/Journal: 4th World Conf Acad Exch Med Qigong
Date published: 1998
Other: Pages: 194-195 , Word Count: 394

This paper mainly deals with the theory of disease caused by message interference. In order to develop the theory fully and systematically, related problems are discussed first. The background of presenting the theory, the concept of diseases of unknown reasons and the necessity of the occurrence of non-cause disease.

As is well-known, traditional and modern medical theories both hold
that disease-inducing factors include three types namely:

1. Biological and Physical Social and Psychological Aspects

However, there are diseases difficult or unable to be explained by
the above-mentioned three kinds of disease cause. Then, what actually brings about these illnesses? The theory of disease caused by message interference is finally present through years of exploration and practice, which pulls open the prelude to the study of diseases of unknown reasons. Since the theory of diseases of unknown reasons is put forward after the above three types of disease cause, it is thus called the fourth disease cause.

Diseases of unknown reasons refer to those which have unclear causes or are unable to be determined by modern conventional medical equipment and techniques, yet still exist objectively. They can be classified into diseases with clear features, false common diseases difficult and complicated diseases, insidious heretical and strange diseases.

Human beings as a kind of higher level of organism not only keep
integrated with nature, but also with human past, present and future. They influence and interfere with each other, which produces diseases of unknown reasons. Main factors of them may include message interference, invisible particles permeation, natural ecosystem imbalance, universal field change, terrestrial field change, and punitive justice in life.

This paper makes an exposition on several major phenomena and
theoretical basis that human bodies are affected by the unfavorable
messages in the external world. The interference mainly manifests the following aspects:

1. mutual interference between human beings in the same era
2. mutual interference between animals and human beings
3. interference of death field with human beings

Besides, several cases of message interference are supplied to prove the scientific nature of the theory, which stems from practice and is presented on the basis of perceptual knowledge. If the disease induced by the fourth cause can be cured by the method, obvious and miraculous effects are sure to be produced. There is no doubt that the theory of disease caused by message interference will certainly make great contributions to human health.