An introduction to Zhi Neng medicine

Author: Guo Zhichen
Affiliation: Zhi Chen Guo Sanitorium, Hebei Province, China
Conference/Journal: 4th World Conf Acad Exch Med Qigong
Date published: 1998
Other: Pages: 193-194 , Word Count: 391

Zhi Neng Medicine is a new style of medical science consisting of
traditional Chinese medicine and Western medicine as well as self-training. It researches the law of the movement and change of matter, energy or message relating to the human body and nature. It can not only preserve good health and overcome diseases but also develop people's intelligence.

To be exact, it is a comprehensive science which probes the mysteries between man and nature. The basic theory of Zhi Neng Medicine is based on the cell theory, fields and field images theory and space energy theory, etc. It exploits and uses the potential of the human body to study human's physiology and pathology as well as diagnosis and treatment. By observing the field structure of the body, listening to the change of the field voice, message receiving and releasing, the basic theory of Zhi Neng Medicine discovers the deeper mysteries in the human body and nature, and also the intention and nature of Qigong.

There fore, Zhi Neng Medicine has developed a series of therapies.
Discussed here is the Hand-Gesture Method or Single Hand Method. With unsymmetrical gestures and unbalanced energy pressure, we can promote cell's normal movement to recover health by energy radiating. The unique Chinese massage can regulate the human body's matter, energy by using the potentials of the human body.

In addition, mass treatment is a one-time comprehensive treatment under the condition of more people and more fields. Zhi Neng Medicine, using the potentials of the human body has discovered the laws of movements and medicinal herbs in the human body and set up a new Materia Medica and the Discussion of Cold Induced Diseases, etc., so that concluded the therapy of adjusting function and preventing diseases. What's more, Zhi Neng Medicine has made a breakthrough in diagnosis and treatment of cancers in the early and middle periods by using the method of receiving the messages of the body and medicinal herbs.

The theory and therapy of Zhi Neng Medicine is systematic, scientific and outstanding, which has been tested by several hundred thousand patients in clinical practice for many years. Zhi Neng Medicine has formed a more completed scientific system, and will surely make an outstanding contribution to human health in the 21st century. It will become prominent in the medical field and push development of other sciences.