The nature and function of qi in human bodies--the third attempt to make a thorough inquiry into qigong

Author: Ou Wenwei
Affiliation: Qigong Department, Guangzhou University, Guangzhout China
Conference/Journal: 4th World Conf Acad Exch Med Qigong
Date published: 1998
Other: Pages: 181-182 , Word Count: 386

'Qigong is a special branch of learning concerning physical property and intelligence'. I have already set forth in detail the Qi of Qigong and the Qi of the human body's inborn Qi, which possess two characters:

1. Physical Property
2. Intelligence

The physical property appears mainly in three forms:

1. Physical particles in gaseous form (molecular movement)
2. Energy
3. Field

The intelligence refers to its dynamic role characterized by conscious behavior and superconscious behavior. In brief, Qi is formed through the joint work of strength and substance. Our ancestors once pointed out:

1. Qi is a sort of essence full of vitality
2. Qi is life-force
Qi is the commander in chief to blood, and blood is mother of Qi
Blood runs following Qi, and Qi moves to make blood circulation
The movement of blood and Qi is performed by their mutual support

All these statements expound that Qi has an element of physical
particles and life-force. It cannot help but remind us of wave-particle parallelism in quantum mechanics.

In the blood circulation system Qi chiefly refers to the capacity for blood feed. Qi, therefore, gives an impetus to the movement of blood and makes the blood and Qi interdependent. Synthesizing a wide variety of knowledge, especially, according to my personal understanding obtained from long practice, I'm convinced that Qi, in the human body, is something that consists of vitality as its main component and the physical particles (smaller than molecules) as the supplementary. This vitality is the life-force of a human being. It plays an important role in promoting the movement of different organs, carrying out the metabolism of substance, and transforming substance into energy.

The digestive system and the respiratory system are chief interchanging channels between the inner body and the external substance. Some substances taken in are turned into cells and some changed into power. The training practice is an effective way for the human body to exchange force and energy of the universe. Therefore, the absorbed force, energy and minor elements would bring about the effect 'energy first and substance second'.

Joining the activity of life force and immunity, and, to a certain extent, supplement and regulate immunity and various physiologic functions which are constantly used up and lost. It is the basic principle that the training practice can make people cure themselves and improve their own health.