A preliminary study of the physiological efficacy when doing Zhoutian Cong

Author: Liu C//Machi Y//Huang J//Huang M//Huang X
Affiliation: Tokyo Denki University, Tokyo, Japan [1]//Shanghai Qigong Institute [2]//301 General Army Hospital, Beijing, China [3]
Conference/Journal: 4th World Conf Acad Exch Med Qigong
Date published: 1998
Other: Pages: 123-124 , Word Count: 308

Zhoutian Gong is the most fundamental method in Qigong exercises. There are a lot of historical records and descriptions about it. For easy understanding, we try to record the physiological phenomena and explain by figures.


Two Qigong theorists and operators. The result includes EEG, ECG, blood pressure, pulse beating, oxygen content in blood, skin electric conductance and respiration.


To find out the characteristics of the physiological effect when doing the Great and Small Zhoutian Gong and improve the testing methods and technology.


Experienced Qigong trainees were selected and the testing instruments were placed on them. When the test started, the trainees closed their eyes for a few minutes and did the Zhoutian Gong. After the exercise they closed eyes too for a rest for several minutes. The physiological data were recorded.

Results of Small Zhoutian Gong:

significant difference of the data between the stage of closing eyes and the Qigong state
static electricity at Renzhong (DU 26)and Chengjiang (RN24) increased
longer and deeper breathing
EEG was obviously changed and GSR increased

Result of the Great Zhoutian Gong:

blood pressure lowered in the state of great Zhoutian Gong
content of oxygen in blood discontinuously increased
a brain wave obviously increased
when doing the great Zhoutian Gong breathing was nearly 3 times per minute

Results Between the Small and Great Zhoutian Gong:

R-potential: R-potential is slightly higher in doing the small Zhoutian Gong.

Breathing Among Small Zhoutian Gong: 19 times per minute to 22 times/per minute.

3. Great Zhoutian Gong:22 times per minute to 19 times per minute.

Change of sp02: The value when doing the Small Zhoutian Gong is slightly higher than when doing the Great Zhoutian Gong.

GSR: More change is seen in doing the Great Zhoutian Gong and the relative value is higher too.

No change is seen in BMP, PPG, skin electricity around Dantian and Dazhui (DU 14).